Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I'd rather be a missionary than a coal miner!

Are things as warm over in America as it is here? There are plants
with matured leaves and some trees are starting to bud! It's quite
strange, but I like not needing to wear a heavy coat.

This ones going to be relatively short, but I hope it is still good.

Today we had our PDay because we wanted to go to a German coal mine!
It was super cool and I got to use a drill, or rather I got to hold it
and activate it, but not drill anything out of the tunnel wall. Pretty
tiring stuff! Our tour guide was pretty funny, but I had the hardest
time understanding half of that tour. Boy, I felt like I was a brand
new missionary again. The vocabulary is nothing like what I hear in
every day spoken German, so it was kind of a bummer. But, after our
tour we ran into a cool college group from Delaware, and that was one
of the best parts of the day. It's so funny how when you're in a
different country you just click with other people from your own
country. They thought what we were doing was pretty interesting. We
just had to laugh because they asked us question after question when
normally Germans keep to themselves...it's pretty different over here
I guess. I guess I've just forgotten how it is back home!

We had the opportunity to go to a German funeral and burial this week,
and it was so sad even though I didn't know the guy. A woman that left
the church had invited us to her husbands funeral, and she is so
determined to rejoin and do everything she can to get active again.
She has already planned to go to the temple and do all of his work so
they can be together in the next life. It's just such a beautiful
thing that the gospel offers! And, it's just so refreshing seeing
someone who has such a desire to join the church.

On our way there, our bus had problems going further because somebody
had a medical emergency, so we couldn't go any further with the bus.
Or any bus for that matter. We both looked at each other and decided
to take a taxi, and once we set foot outside the bus we saw an elderly
woman trying to get to the funeral as well. So that was a fun little
miracle of the week, and we got to take our first taxi ride on our

Well that's all time allows me today. Love you all! Pictures of the
museum hopefully next week!

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