Monday, January 25, 2016

It's warm in Germany!!

It is unusually warm here! As of right now it is in the low fifties,
and the rest of the week should be around the higher forties. No
complaints here! Some bushes and trees have long since bloomed, and I
haven't really had to wear my heavy winter coat this winter.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to two of our members in our
district this last week, one of them went home, and the other got sent
down to Bamberg. So, the one getting transferred was in our district
so to celebrate a good time together we went to a chinese buffet and
mongolian grill that was amazing! I tried croc meat and kangaroo as
well. Kangaroo was weird, it didn't taste very good. But, it was a lot
of fun, and a good way to say goodbye.

Tuesday we picked up Elder Thaxton about an hour and a half later than
we were supposed to...oops! But, what had happened was that he wasn't
able to get off his train and overshot our station by only a few
minutes, so after he finally found someone nice enough to lend him
their phone, we went and picked him up.

Later that night we had a fantastic lesson with Frau Lange, and she
asked all of the right questions and told us she had read 17 chapters
in the Book of Mormon. Wow! She came to church a second time this week
and loved it. I pulled her aside since she had been really quiet and I
asked if everything was ok. She smiled and she started telling me how
great and welcome she felt, and the more she interacts with the church
the more she feels that it is right. Its such a wonderful thing to
see, I just hope she doesn't leave like so many others have. She's so
great, and we have a great bond too. She heard I was on the hunt for
an old luther bible and so she found one and gave it to me. Its really
not that old, but what is so cool and so special about it, is that in
the front pages it said it was made just around the corner from where
I live.

One night when everything fell out, we went finding and I contacted
the coolest guy ever! He is a total American hidden in a German shell,
and he buys classic muscle cars in the states and fixes them and sells
them over here. We stopped him while he was closing his gate to his
shop, and he talked to us for a good 20 or so minutes all the while
his chevy truck was idling, but he wanted to talk to us. It really
made our nights, and before we could even ask, he invited us to come
back! So I cant wait to see his firebird or whatever he has hidden

Gotta go though, thanks for the love and prayers, I miss you guys!

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