Monday, January 18, 2016

Fun ride!

Yesterday I got to do the coolest thing ever! I contacted this kid
after church and he had this Segway kind of thing! I'm sure many of
you have seen one, but it's like a Segway without the pole or handles,
so it's kind of like riding a snowboard facing forward...and you have
to balance like you are on skis. Well the kid let me ride it, and it
was the coolest thing ever, but really just shows me how lazy we are
to invent something so we don't have to walk!! I'll try to get a photo
from one of the other elders, but it was super fun and kind of scary
at the same time. Although, in the states it would probably be pretty
useless compared to here.

Yesterday we had an investigator at church, which was really exciting!
She's the one that found us in the store right before Christmas, and
she told us afterwards of the peace she felt at church, and how
welcome she felt into the ward family. Everyone loved and welcomed her
as well, which was super fun to see. If there's anything I like about
this ward, it's how good they are at being welcoming and doing
missionary work! I got to teach the investor class last minute, but
the spirit worked through me and the participating members and
everyone was able to have a great time.

I wish I could say I've gotten a lot better about procrastinating
things, but I've only gotten a little better! We did back to back
splits this week which was a fun experience to have, but I never want
to do that again. It was really weird being away from elder Rogers for
40 something hours and then just going back to normal. But, the splits
were fun and I always enjoy them because I get to be in a new area and
grow closer with the members of my district.

Lately elder Rogers and I have been working on our contacting since
neither of us have done the greatest job of it until now. We have
found a few really neat people and we feel so much better at the end
of the day.
 On Friday we went to go to the strip, or "Fußgängerzone",
where all the stores are to do some finding. It stressed me out like
it had in all of my other areas because there were so many people, and
I just didn't know where to start. So, we started pointing out
people for each other to contact and it worked like a dream! It
reminded of me when I would have a homework overload, and my mom would
tell me to single out one assignment or problem at a time. I guess
that's applicable for pretty much everything!

Another transfer has gone by and I will be elder Rogers last
companion. There have been a few changes in the district, but nothing
too major. Although, elder Sommer is coming up and serving in Dortmund
as a district leader, so I'll see him every now and then! So proud of
that guy!

Well that's all my news. I also just got a few postcards from December
so I wanted to thank those of you who sent them! Have a good week!


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