Monday, January 11, 2016

I love public speaking!

Another week gone by! Hard to believe, but it is true. Crazier thing
is that I have almost been in Gelsenkirchen for a whole transfer.
Pretty nuts to think about.

So, another week gone by means another week of we go.

This last week I got to go on two splits, and one of those was with my
zone leader, Elder Awerkamp. Honestly, it was one of the most
unorganized and most hectic splits I have ever had just because
everything fell out, but it was probably the most impactful split I
have had. We talked to everyone! Everyone. It was tough, but we did
it, and when I got back together with Elder Rogers we just kept on
going. It was way fun.

As Elder Rogers and I were going, we found a guy and he just seemed so
gloomy, and down. We kept talking with him and he told us that it
wasn’t worth our time because he was addicted to drugs and has a court
date soon and he thinks he’s going to jail. We kept telling him there
was hope, and that if he would be sent to jail, that we would visit
him. Wow, he really lit up when we said that! He got super excited and
is going to let us know how it goes. Hopefully we will be hearing from
him soon.

Zone training was this week, and I got to speak there which was pretty
fun. I got a few compliments, which also made me feel real good. I don’t
know why, but I really love public speaking! I even got to give a talk
in church this week. The topic was God is our loving Heavenly Father.
What I learned recently is how when we teach someone, it is the first
thing we teach them. So, why is it so important that that is the first
thing they know? It was a good topic for me, and I had a lot of fun
with it.

This week I will be going on two more splits, so Ill be pretty busy,
but busy is always good.
 On Saturday Ill be getting the information on
who goes where and who comes in, so it will be fun to see my district
transform. We know at least one new person is coming since a sister is
going home next week. Crazy!

Well have a great week guys, lots of love from Germany!

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