Monday, February 8, 2016

WOW what a week!

Lots to write this week! Lots of fun and miracles happening in Gelsenkirchen.

Elder Rogers and I have been really trying to do a better job of
finding underway, and when we hear stories from others, a lot of the
stories take place underway. So to make an effort, I contacted two guys
from Africa on the train. It didn't really lead to much, but a woman
waiting for her stop came over and approached me in English which took
me completely by surprise. She didn't stay long because she got off,
but I got to tell her what I do and why. Blessings!

We began teaching a woman whose husband just died, and its very hard
because she can have a really hard time in a moments notice. Poor
thing, I hope I never have to lose a spouse at that young of an age.
Anyways, we taught her the restoration and we watched the 20 minute
video which she really liked. We now have a standing appointment with
her every week, and her mom is a member and is there every week.

On a split with Elder Heiner from Herne, we got a new investigator!
Elder Rogers and I had gone by on him and his family, but they couldn't
meet, so we made out an appointment but it ended up falling out. So
this time we met, and he and his wife want to meet and learn more
again after taking a 3 or 4 year break.

Later on our split, we met with a super member in our ward. This woman
helps us with everything! We had a lesson scheduled out, but the guy
that was supposed to come with bailed. So, last minute we asked if her
son could be there. He accepted, on the terms that we could talk and
eat but not have a lesson. So we went, and we got there and just
clicked with him really well! I was told that not long ago he didn't
even want to be in the same room as Elders, so he has been making
major improvement. I was a little worried about how the appointment
went, so I talked to the woman on sunday, and she assured me that she
was happy that it went as well as it did.

Saturday was payday! We had wanted to have a street display every week
this transfer, but neither us or the Herne Elders or sisters had put
one together, so we decided to go apply for one for saturday. There
was actually a good chance we wouldn't get the permission in the mail
with such short notice only a few days before, but the woman said she
would email it to us, but she didn't. So as we were going over to steal
a members wifi and check, we saw the postman throw the letter in our
box right as we opened our door! After a major struggle of carrying
all the books and a super heavy table across town, we finally made it
to our street location.

We ended up getting a few new potential investigators, and we are
going to go by on all of this week. One girl just came up, and after
hearing what we were doing went and got her sister! We are going to
try and meet on Thursday. Another woman I talked to for 15 minutes,
and referred her to meet with the Dortmund Elders. I was so happy with
all the books we gave out, not only because of how many, but because
how much lighter the trip back was going to be! Good thing the other
elders showed up!

Upon closing up, we were approached by a Ukrainian woman who thought
she heard us speaking english. She was just curious about what we were
doing; the whole stand was already gone. A member and I talked to her
and she was very interested, although we weren't able to get any
contact information.

Last story, I promise! On our way home in the train, Elder Rogers and
I were so burnt out but so excited. A little boy about 3 or 4 years
old sat next to me and his parents stood behind us. I asked how old he
was and they just told me they were from Poland, so they didn't
understand what I was saying. A station or two later the husband took
the open spot next to Elder Rogers, and I kept getting the thought to
give him a polish book. I had this kind of inner fight because I knew
just handing him a book might be kind of weird, and I didn't even know
where in our little trolly our polish book would be. I finally made a
deal in my mind that if it was on top I would do it. Well, it was the
second book! He looked at it and smiled, and then showed his little
boy and said, "Look, Jesus Christ!" It got me so excited even though I
couldn't further communicate with him, but I motioned that it was for

This work is true! This work is awesome! Last week was so rewarding to
be out here, and I know that there isn't anything better that I could
be doing with my time. Thanks to everyone for the love and prayers,
you are awesome and I miss you all. Love you guys!

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