Monday, February 15, 2016

Fun Little Miracles

Probably one of the highlights of my entire week was hanging out with
elder Sommer at our zone training! It was so good to see the kid, and
see how much he has grown since I left him about 2 transfers ago. I
got him our companionship fruit as a snack for our district leader
council afterwards. Every companionship has their own thing, ours just
so happened to be a fruit haha. I don't know if anyone has ever heard
of a palmelo, but it's this fruit from China that is bigger than a
grapefruit, but you peel it like an's weird but super
tasty, and only recently did they bring them over to Germany. Are they
over in the states yet??

Things are beginning to wrap up over here for elder Rogers, it's kind
of weird. He just had his leavers interview with president, and he
will probably start packing next week. It's eerie!

I went on two splits this week, and on one of them I was able to give
a woman a blessing. We were visiting her son, and she walked in, said
hello, and told us how she has been wanting to come to church lately
and get a blessing from the members, but things just hadn't worked
out. She's going through a very challenging health issue right now, so
she was a little tense. I didn't know why, but the spirit told me to
suggest one then and there as opposed to her waiting until Sunday. She
agreed, I gave her a blessing, and she was so much calmer afterwards.
It's truly amazing what God can allow us to do in His name. It truly
is a miracle that we can give and receive blessings of comfort or for

Anytime I see a cool or weird car, I just have to stop and stare and
check it out! There was a guy that pulled onto the side of the street
with a Chrysler crossfire that had police stickers all over it. Don't
get me wrong, they looked cool, but they weren't meant for that car!
We talked to the guy for a good while about his car and then we
started talking about missionary work and why we are here. We are
having an event on the 20th to watch meet the Mormons at the church,
and we invited him. He said he'd like to come, so I hope we see him on
Saturday, and he took down our number.

That same day we went by on a potential we found at our street
display, and he invited us in to tell him more about the Book of
Mormon! What! It was crazy and he he committed to start reading it. It
would be super fun if they came to church because he has a small
family, and our ward could really use that. He's actually from
Romania, and a pretty cool guy. He invited us back, so I hope we can
start working with him regularly.

I don't know if any of you remember me talking a while back about
contacting a guy at a kiosk, but anyways we found him again. We kept
pushing to meet with him, but since he doesn't have an apartment it
makes it kind of hard. He was so much happier by the end of our
conversation, and he asked, "why do you want to help me? Why does your
church want people like me? I'm a junkie." Maybe you have experienced
this before, but I just have so much love and hope for this guy I have
barely met. I wonder sometimes if I once knew some of the people I
encounter here, it's hard to describe!

Saturday's street display was probably one of the hardest and most
taxing street displays I have ever had. Nobody would stop and talk,
nobody was being friendly, and it was kind of disheartening because
normally those things pick me up! Luckily the Lord sent me something
to keep me going that day. We were on our way to visit a member that
lives way out there, and in the train we heard some English right
behind us. When we talked to them they instantly recognized us as the
Mormons and told us how they have an American friend that "opened
their eyes" to Mormons haha. Well, he's the exchange student in our
ward! These two were from Romania and Belgium, and we think the books
we just gave this member were for them. How cool!

Things are getting really weird over here with my companion going
home, but we are being shown some pretty fun miracles over here right
before he leaves.

Thanks for your love and care, love you all!


And thank you aunt Mari for the awesome Christmas box, I just got it!

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