Monday, February 22, 2016

Things are picking up!

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great week! Things are starting to
get real crazy over here in a couple of different ways! Im pleased to
say that things are starting to pick up, but its also getting crazy in
the sense that this week is Elder Rogers last full week as a
missionary. We find out on Saturday who my new companion will be! I
wont lie, its weird seeing him pack up his stuff, but at the same time
it doesn't really phase me all that much since it just seems like he's
getting transferred. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy to good
adventures this next week.

Well, we certainly had an unwanted adventure this week! We forgot our
phone at an elderly woman's house, and the consequences followed us
the rest of the day. Oh sure, it's funny now, but at the time we were
livid because when we went by at the end of the night not only was she
not home, but she took our phone too haha. Luckily we got it back
thanks to another member and order was once again restored to
Gelsenkirchen! Crazy how much we depend on that thing.

On Wednesday we paid a visit to the family we began working with a
week or two ago, and the wife just became a new investigator! We had a
great lesson, and I think back when the Elders first taught them there
was a lot of confusion because of the language barrier, because when I
told her that Joseph Smith was only a man, you could just see the
gears in her head turning, and that she didnt think we were crazy
anymore. She began opening up to us which was really exciting, and we
have a lesson this week with that family.

Ok, get ready for this one. On my split in Dortmund with the zone
leaders we were just going about business as usual and had a great
talk with some people right? Well we talked to the next person we saw
who happened to be from England! It soon turned into one of the
weirdest conversations Ive had on my mission. She kept calling us a
sect and telling us that what we teach is wrong and that we don't know
Christ, but she didn't stop there! She went on to tell us that we
should know that John and Revelations are the only true books in the
whole Bible, and that the Old Testament is of Satan, and that Jesus
was sent to destroy the Jews but failed...right...I'm sure you didn't
take any drugs previous to our conversation. Finally I was fed up with
it and didn't want to talk any more, so I told her we had to go, have
her my testimony that I do know Christ, grabbed my companion, and
walked away.

The funny thing is, is that we had meant to go to a building before it
closed, but because of her there was no point, so we had to go to the
subway stations where she went to. So, we just waited outside a few
minutes to make sure that Psycho woman had left for sure. It was
pretty funny! Thats one of the joys of a mission-having a bunch of
crazy stories. Kind of like one of my favorite sisters who got kissed
by a drunk hobo.

We are steadily making progress with one of our investigators. She
comes to every activity, love the Book of Mormon, and comes every week
faithfully to church. She comes away every time more and more sure
that this is the right way, and tells us again and again that she is
reconsidering being baptized. We hope so.

Things are starting to move along over here, and it's going to be
exciting to see what happens with this last transfer. Crazy to even
think I'm at that point, but don't worry, Ill make you guys proud!
Talk to you later!

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