Monday, February 29, 2016


Transfer week! As expected, I will be staying my last transfer in
Gelsenkirchen and Elder Rogers goes home. We kind of thought this
would be a perfect opportunity to close one of the areas by having a
trio for only one and then leveling off after one transfer, but thats
not the case. Instead I will be joined by Elder Lewis from Duisburg!
Elder Lewis just finished being trained, so it will be good to have
someone energetic and excited for the work. I don't know really
anything about him,  although we should be getting him on Tuesday and
then be a trio until Thursday morning when we ship Elder Rogers (I
might as well just say Jesse) to Frankfurt to catch his flight! Its
going to be a fun week!

We had something funny happen this week as we showed up for an
appointment! We rang the doorbell and almost directly after I got a
text from the person saying he wasn't home yet and therefor couldn't
meet. We waited for a minute, I grinned, looked at Elder Rogers and
said,"now watch this!" I rang again, and we were let in and climbed
the stairs. As we knocked on the door the children asked who it was.
We heard some shuffling and after a minute of waiting the door opened
with the wife standing behind it. She told us her husband wasn't home,
and then all of a sudden I see him walking up to the door!! The look
on his wife's face was priceless as she said," are home" to
which he said "Yeah I was sleeping in the other room". Gotcha! Well,
they were nice about it and let us in so we could reschedule but once
we were out of earshot we busted up laughing.

We also went by to find a potential we got from our street display,
but we couldn't find his name on any of the doorbells, so we just
doored the whole building and ended up finding a little romanian
family. They just moved there a week ago, and had we gone by earlier
we wouldn't have found them. Tough thing is that they don't speak a lick
of english or german, so we might have to get in touch with the
romanian mission which we are allowed to do if we need translators, so
Im hoping I can get in touch with my buddy Helaman in that mission and
have a skype lesson with him. How cool would that be?

One morning as I was doing my studies and got a text from a member
telling me to call Annegret for some exciting news. The day earlier we
had taken by a triple combination to her from a member, and to those
who dont know what that is, its just a bunch of our scripture crammed
into one binding, kind of like the old and New Testament being put
into one binding. Anyways, she read the word of wisdom on her own and
said she felt God wanted her to quit smoking NOW! So what did she do?
She threw all of her smokes and treys out. Now how cool is that? We
better start filling up the font, because she is amazing and making so
much progress!

Stake conference with all of the congregations in the Dortmund took
place on Saturday and Sunday, and it was so much fun. Annegret went
Saturday, and on Sunday I got to see all my mission buds. Elder Sommer
is training! The thing that surprised me the most was when I ran into
Sabine, a member from Köln! It was so good to see her, and she's
engaged now. Crazy how the time flies by.

Not much else to report on my end. That's it for now, love you guys!

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