Monday, June 1, 2015

The Lord has a plan.

Hey Everyone –
For those of you who know the Book of Mormon, you will recognize this scripture
pretty well, but it pretty much sums up most of this last week. 1
Nephi 4:6 "And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the
things which I should do." This week we had a few white days and
also days where everything just kind of went wrong, but luckily the
Lord has a plan.

I’ll make this short today since I forgot my journal. One day that was
completely blank we just planned to go to a certain place at a certain
time and said we would just go and talk to random people. Well...we
weren’t looking forward to being rejected for 6 straight hours, but
after about 30 minutes we ran into a guy and he was just sitting on a
bench so we talked with him. He told us he had no interest, but was
really nice and wished us luck. As we worked our way around the park,
we noticed that the guy had moved, and as we came around a corner 10
or so minutes later, he stopped us as we passed a different bench. We
ended up having an hour or so conversation and it was just super cool.

We had all sorts of other experiences as well, I just can’t remember
them all. One of them we were walking to go do a goby, but we were
focusing on contacting people. We were coming up to one lady and I
felt we should talk to her but I asked myself why I should contact her
of all people. In my mind I kind of thought, "Well she is a daughter
of God isn’t she?" I am sorry to say I didn’t talk to her, but luckily
Elder Andrus has my back and supported me when I mentioned that to
him. He said, "Yeah I had a similar feeling, lets go back" and so we
did. Ended up talking for 15 minutes and turns out she met once or
twice with the missionaries! How cool!

Last experience. The week before a woman contacted us on the bus, but
Elder Andrus wrote down the address wrong. Well, I wasn’t too excited
to teach her because she might be a little off. Shame on me, but those
were my thoughts and I can’t change that I thought that. Anyways, two
days ago we were at the bus station and she walked passed us with a
man. I let her pass, but then I just remembered how I stopped
believing in coincidence. I pulled myself together and chased after
her haha. We got to her and when she saw us she told us how she told
her boyfriend that she ran into us! Well this guy she was with was a
long time investigator that we don’t even have record of. How cool is
that!! We are going by tonight to hopefully have a good lesson with
the both of them!

This week I think the Lord taught me how to be a little more humble.
Just a little! Anyway, I was forced to do the things I didn’t want to
because I was too uncomfortable to do it, didn’t want to, or was just
always too busy to do it otherwise. I learned though that when we
really desire to do the Lords will and lean on him with our full hope
and reliance that something good will come out of it, it can and will
happen if it is his will.

This week wasn’t my favorite week, but I really loved the outcomes from
it. I love these people so much, and although I miss home sometimes I
am so glad that I am here. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
Thank you all for your support and love!


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