Monday, June 15, 2015

Sweet moments

Not to get you down, but this week was tough. The beginning was
super hard! We just about lost Richard, and we just lost Francesco and
possibly his friend Lorenz. It’s been kind of a hard week for us, but
there were still some sweet moments I would like to share with all of

After having a pretty rough lesson, we went back to our house kind of
discouraged and we just didn’t know what to do. I had always heard that
closing your eyes and opening the scriptures and pointing worked, so I
gave it a go! When it opened, I opened to these verses, "Therefore,
follow me, and listen to the counsel which I shall give unto you.
Behold, and lo, I have much people in this place, in the regions round
about; and an effectual door shall be opened in the regions round
about in this eastern land. Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you
to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the
salvation of souls. Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your
voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your
hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be
given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall
say. But a commandment I give unto you, that ye shall declare
whatsoever thing ye declare in my name, in solemnity of heart, in the
spirit of meekness, in all things. And I give unto you this promise,
that inasmuch as ye do this the Holy Ghost shall be shed forth in
bearing record unto all things whatsoever ye shall say." Pretty long,
but we thought it was pretty cool.

Split with Elder Coombs! For some reason weird things usually happen
on splits. So this lady contacted us on a bus and I had no idea what
she was saying because she was pretty much just whispering. She
started asking us if we were scientologists, and if we had heard of
the 4 angels on earth and that was about what I got. She got off one
stop later and came up the window opposite of where we were sitting
and just stared at us emotionless! Elder Coombs felt awkward so he
waved, to which she did. She then stopped mid-wave and raised her hand
up above her head. I have no idea what the heck was going through her
head. Only a little bit later, we saw a guy laying head first on an
escalator! He then began to tumble down and a lady went to help him,
but we think he was just drunk. Oh, Bayrueth!

On one of the days, the guy that rents us our apartment came over and
we just talked for a while. He then told us he was going to bring us a
ton of food! We graciously accepted! He brought us alcohol free beer,
white wurst, sweet Sauerkraut, liverwurst, and a few other things. We
were so excited, so we gave him some American candy and a Book of
Mormon. We have talked to this guy and his family tons of times, and
we almost always get asked questions about our beliefs. Right now we
are trying to start a tradition with them of making goodies for each
other. Hopefully it will turn into a dinner appointment some day! Who
knows, but they are an awesome family.

So as I am writing this, I guess I am realizing I had a better week
than I thought. A few big things that happened are that we had our
first street display, and Frau Brown came to church for the first time
in like 15 years...and loved it! Another thing was that BreAnn and her
American friends were having a few people over for an "American
Thanksgiving". We wanted to go but then decided not to go because we
figured some of the kids would bring alcohol. Well, nobody brought
any, so we went and had our dinner hour. It turned out great! Two
German guys were talking to me the whole time asking me all about what
we teach and believe. It was a lot of fun after a hard day of stubborn

So there’s the week. Hope you can enjoy the tidbits from my week, and
hopefully you had a good week yourselves. Take care, and have a good
day! Love from Germany!

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