Monday, June 29, 2015

New area

Hey everybody! Feels really weird to think back on last week and think
that i was in Bayreuth. Seems like that was so long ago! It was but at
the same time it really wasnt! It was a bittersweet moment. I was
ready to go, but I was hesitant to leave the people I had learned to
love. But, this is a new area, with a new companion, and a new start.
I have new challenges and will have different experiences that will
shape me to be the young man the Lord wants me to be.

Offenbach is my new city, and I was a little nervous to come, but I
have had nothing but good experiences since coming here, well...I did
get called a Satanist, but I actually thought that was kind of funny.

On the way here I overnighted in Erlangen for one last time, and then
the next morning I said goodbye to Nürnberg. We all hopped on a bus
and it was a big party since a lot of the people I was with were
really good friends. Not to mention we had Wifi the whole trip, so we
were sending each other all sorts of ridiculous photos and videos.
Once we got to Frankfurt central station, it was just a big fest. I
saw Elders I havent seen for about 6 months, and it was just awesome.
We stayed and just talked for about 90 minutes, and I got to say
goodbye to Elder Dean before he took off to go to the airport as well
as see Sister Funk from my Köln days.

So my new companion is Elder Draper, and we are now the Offenbach II
elders. We have the most incredible apartment I have ever seen, and we
even have a small upstairs...its so crazy. Its too much for us, so we
just store stuff upstairs. We even have a dishwasher for a change, and
it was rumored to be broken, so I just turned on the water and the
problem was solved. Lazyness prevails!

I got to meet our new ward mission leader, and he wants me to help him
slide on his longboard. Hes american, and we are actually teaching his
wife, so we are hoping she will get dunked soon because she is just
golden. Im pretty happy about the ward, because now instead of only
like 25 people we have about 50. We actually helped one family with a
move, and they had a cherry tree filled to the brim, so we had a
cherry pit spitting contest in between breaks.

Sorry that this is kind of boring, but not a ton has happened yet.
Anyway, I hope everything is good back in good the states, and I wish
you all a good week!

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