Monday, July 6, 2015


I can sum up this week with just 2 words...blazing hot. I thought
Germany was supposed to be pretty moderate, but this week was up to
100 degrees! I won't lie that this week wasn't super eventful. For
most of the days we just contacted people. On one of those days I got
pooped on by a was disgusting, and I wanted to kill that
blasted bird, but it was safely perched up on a building ledge. But,
luckily some good things did happen this week.

This week in Offenbach we met with one of our investigators, who
happens to be our mission leaders wife. We had no idea what to teach
since neither of us had ever taught her, and since she has technically
been taught the first lesson. We planned that the best thing to do
would be to set expectations and see what she wanted from us, so
that's exactly what we did. It went great. Fantastic is a better word
really. As she answered a question about how she thought and wanted to
find out if the church was true, I remember getting a very clear
thought that I should share a video that is embedded in one of our
apps. It is about a woman who felt everything had to make sense for it
to make sense, but that she felt like she didn't have to prove that
the church was true because she felt it through her emotions. The
spirit was strong during that video, and then her husband shared his
testimony in the most sincere and beautiful way. All of us were
teary-eyed, and it was an excellent bonding experience for all of us.

On Saturday we went to a city called Aschaffenburg which is in Bayern!
It felt really similar to Bayreuth and was super pretty and clean.
There was a castle and all these cool festivals going on, so we did a
bunch of contacting. We didn't have too much success, but the people
were a lot friendlier. At one point, we got yelled at by some crazy
lady playing a wood flute, which was pretty funny.

Well..I wish I could say more, but I just went through my journal and
it is pretty much everything that happened. So, I hope everyone had a
great 4th, and that everyone has a good week!


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