Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sacrifices and Blessings

Sorry for the late email, we had kind of a hectic Pday. But, we played
a few games of laser tag with our mission leader and his wife and a
bunch of other people we didnt know.

In attempts to get get more appointments, we sacrificed some cookie
and brownie mix and made it for some people we wanted to get
appointments with. We didnt give it all away, that would be silly...I
miss American snacks way too much. Well it worked with one of the
people, and turns out she is actually American herself. She is
actually is from Utah, but has lived here for the last little while.
Unfortunately we didnt really have a lesson, but we brought our
mission leader who is also American, and we had a really good time and
she says she wants to come to church again. So that was cool.
Unfortunately we still havent had anything with our miracle couple,
but they said we could come by this week after we gave them some
brownies, and just before sending this letter they contacted us and
set up an appointment!! But as of right now we still haven't met.

This last week the announcement was made that in our zone, we will be
going for 16 baptisms within the next two full transfers and now. They
said that they prayed about it, and that it is totally possible. I
actually got a pretty good feeling about it too. Well, the very next
day we got a call from our branch president telling us this lady had
questions about baptism in our church, so he gave us her number that
was in her email to him. We called her and her only question was if
she could be baptized on the 25th of August! She came to church on
Sunday and we talked about some things, and she wants her children to
be baptized too, but they are actually not old enough since in our
church we baptize starting at age 8. So, because Elder Draper was the
one on the phone the first time, and because we didnt ask directly
during our short meeting at church, we arent 100% sure that she
herself wants to be baptized. But, I prayed about her being baptized
on the 25th, and I think we can have some good things happen in this

We also got an email during the week telling us to check our referrals
since the system has been acting strange for others. Well guess who
had 3 new referrals! We went by on one of them and she was an exchange
student in Arizona for a year with a Mormon family, and when she saw
us she knew who we were. Super friendly and said we can meet up
sometime. I hate to say it, but I hate when people just cant commit to
something on a certain day, just because I feel like it means it will
flake out. We will see though, she said she would come to Offenbach
sometime soon. The other two referrals are actually pretty cool. One
is a member already, and the other is his friend that was taking the
lessons from the Missionaries down by M√ľnchen. They are here for some
sort of clinic, and then they might stay afterwards, so we will see
what happens.

Alright, I hope this emails cuts it since I didnt have a whole lot of
time to write it. We feel like Offenbach has a lot of potential all of
a sudden. We have been doing a lot more contacting and stuff, but
really all of our miracles have been coming in other ways...like this
lady that emailed our branch president. Hopefully the next couple
letters home are action packed! Well have a good week everyone, thanks
for the love!


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