Monday, June 22, 2015

Getting transferred

We totally hit it off with our neighbors this week when we brought by
some cookies that elder Andrus had baked. After we took them over they
invited us to go see the smallest house in Bayreuth, which is pretty
dang small. I held out my arms and my arm span was almost as big as
the width of the house. Then on the weekend I baked them some brownies
and took them over to which they invited us inside! We talked for
about an hour and we might do something with them today after PDay.
There is so much potential in this area, and I'm so upset that I'm
leaving but at the same time I'm pretty excited to start a new

Unfortunately in a little while the temple will be closing down as
well as the other one in the other side of Germany, so both temples
will be closed at the same time in the country. Normally it is
tradition at the end of your mission to do a temple trip, but because
it is being closed nobody is going to be able to go anymore. Because I
was already up in Frankfurt I asked president if I could go, and we were
allowed to go before the conference! It was super cool, and so pretty.
Getting home after was very hectic though and we
had delay upon delay the whole time, but we eventually got home, just
barely catching one of the last buses of the night.

This week we had a very special experience with frau brown. She's
been having problems with her eye and needs surgery, but because she
is blind in her other eye, it is very high risk. She has been having a
lot of pain and a lot of trouble seeing so we decided to go over and
give her a blessing. She said when we laid our hands upon her head
that she felt this heat go throughout her whole body, and that it felt
like somebody was cleaning her out. It was super cool to see that the
spirit was working with her the way that it was. She also told us that
when she came to church last week she felt that when she entered the
door, all of her problems had been left at the door. The gospel is
pretty cool!

On my very last Sunday in church I gave my testimony and got pictures
of most of the members in the ward, which really weren't that many!
After church we went and visited family and they stuffed us with some
pretty good German food, and they also gave us some Mountain Dew to go
down with that! We shared a pretty nice spiritual thought and we had a
lot of fun with this family.  And it was just a nice way to kind of
conclude my
 Sunday services in this city.

The city has been a great place for me to learn and grow, and I have
made relationships here that I will never forget. I'm super happy that I
had the opportunity to serve here and I have definitely grown a lot
here and I'm excited to move to the next portion of my growth, even if
I Think it will be hard.  I would just like to tell you all that there's
no place that I would rather be than here in Germany serving these
people, and I know that what I'm doing is right and helps people,
including myself. I wish you all a good week and hopefully things are
a lot warmer in the states, because all we have had is rain jacket
weather. Take care everyone and thank you for the letters.


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