Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Being in Köln one last time before I go home was pretty fun, and I
wish I had taken more photos, but at the same time I've pretty much
gotten all the photos I want out of that city! I'll see if I can get
access to a computer today and send a few photos home.

Today we are having a sport PDay in Herne with us, Essen, and maybe
some people they are teaching. So we're bringing our American football
and a few other things to mess around with.

Yesterday we met with our Hungarian friends and read with them. It's
pretty funny because I've learned a new dialect in German, that being
cave man. It's hard sometimes getting through what we want to, but we
just read certain things that connect and hope that they make the
connection as well. Brother kozma from my first area said he is going
to try and come next week and teach in person with us.

We had a super awesome lesson with Annegret too and things were
getting a little tight and I bore a really sincere testimony and the
spirit was super strong. She's gotta get baptized she just has to! She
totally sees it, she just needs more time. Too bad I didn't extend!
But, I'm excited to come home.

We had some really really cool contacts this week and it just reminded
me of how awesome and how special my calling is. Recently I've been
reading talks by our prophet Thomas S Monson, and it really just
struck me how important it is to do our duties, but also how much of a
privilege it is to do them and be able to bless and help people as the
lords tool. That's just something I've been studying lately.

Happy Easter everyone, I hope the food was good and the family
reunions as well. Have a good week!

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