Monday, April 4, 2016

My last full week!

Well I can't believe I'm to this point in my mission. I never thought
it would actually happen because it always seemed like such a distant
thing, but now I kind of wish it was far away again! I'll do my best
though to enjoy my very last week in Germany as a missionary for the
Lord. I've had my lows, but I've also had a lot of highs. Hopefully
this last week elder Lewis and I can rock it together!

I'm convinced it was meant to be, but we got some files to start and
organize a fast in our church and they came a little later than I
expected, but they came at a time where we were in a position to
present them to our ward mission leader who would help with all of the
processes. As we were there, he began experiencing severe chest and
back pains and we were very worried, so we gave him a sick blessing
and the ambulance was there minutes later to help him. I don't really
know any details, but I know that he's doing well, and I consider it a
great miracle that we were there for that very moment on that very

Later in the week we watched the restoration video with three of our
friends from Ghana, and they loved it! Their eyes were glued to the
tv, and they were so quiet and had such good questions afterwards. It
was so nice to meet with people that were open. It's so refreshing,
and makes it way more fun for me!

On Sunday we had a special visit from the Kozma family from my ward in
Köln! They drove all the way to Gelsenkirchen to help in our lesson
with our Hungarian investigators. It went so well, and elder Lewis
bore solid and pure testimony that really got everyone in the room
feeling the spirit. Unfortunately two of our friends have to go back
to Hungary, but I think it's a blessing in disguise now that they can
be taught the lessons and have their concerns addressed in Hungarian.
Cool, right?

A few other things happened, but I don't have time to write those. I'm
so excited to come home, but I'm a bit nervous. Can't wait to see you
all! Talk to you next week!

Elder Andrew

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