Monday, March 14, 2016

Strange experience - one for the books!

This last week was both really rewarding and at the same time so
weird! I definitely gained one of those stories from the mission that
you tell anyone and everyone because it was so strange!

Last week we got a potential from a street display, and we called him
up but he wasn't interested at the moment. Well while I was on a split
this guy called the other areas phone and the other missionary picked
it up and gave it to me and told us he needed help and that he wanted
us to visit him at the hospital. Immediately I sensed something was
wrong, but I made out a time to meet him in my own area the next day.

I don't know that anything could have prepared me for what happened!
This guy walks up to us in the hall and starts crying and hugs us
both. Then, we went past the chapel in the hospital and he did some
weird kind of Tim tebow kneel prayer and got up and raised his hands.
Then to make things weirder he went past one of those hand sanitizer
pumps and he pumped it a good ten seconds and washed all the way up to
his arms and then did his whole face. Very long story made very short,
we think he's a schizophrenic because he told us he killed a bunch of
people and he apparently trained with the katana with master
hroshi...his words not mine. So we got out of there pretty quick, but
then we think he started calling the sisters. So it's kind of a mess.

On that split the day earlier we had a weird amount of success but it
was awesome! Some guy we contacted bought us soda and then we talked
for a German guy for like 90 minutes and asked if we could exchange
numbers. He's trying to steal my job and ask my questions!

On Saturday there was a baptism and we wanted Annegret to go so bad
because we felt it was what she needed to make the next step towards
baptism. We did all we could but we couldn't seem to get anything to
work out. As we prayed about what to do we had the name of a member
come to mind and so we called her. She gladly accepted and the next
day both of them were there at the service! It went so great, and she
really felt something. It was so cool!

This work is awesome, and I'm privileged to be here one more month. I
hope the Lord will help me to work hard and be happy, and I hope that
he does the same and blesses you and your family this week. Love you


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