Monday, March 7, 2016

Goodbye Elder Rogers, Hello Elder Lewis!

It's been a great week and all, but I'm sure glad it's over! Being in
a trio and getting everything all set up once elder Lewis got here was
way stressful. But, it was also a blast!

So, elder Lewis is my last companion, and what a good way for me to go
out too. He's a lot of fun to work with, and he's got a really fun,
contagious, laugh. He started his third transfer and I'm his first
companion besides his trainer. He's really excited to be here, already
loves Gelsenkirchen, and is fired up to get work done by any means, so
I'm really blessed to have a companion that will help me finish
strong. We're going to have a blast!

Thursday was quite the adventure when I woke up to, "elder Andrew, get
up, I forgot to print out my train ticket!" My eyes pretty much shot
open and I jumped off the couch (elder Lewis was snoring that night)
and we were out the door in the next 5 minutes. We got to the church,
printed it out, and then got home as quickly as we could so elder Rogers
could complete the very last of his packing. Pretty much running
through the train station, we saw we had just barely missed his train.
We were feeling a little defeated, but after we said a little prayer
in our hearts, we went to the trip center and they changed his ticket
free of charge. Prayer answered!

We met with one of our investigators, and on his record it says he
never reads. When we got there we asked him if he read what we gave
him. We got the feeling that he didn't, so we read alma 32 with him
and talked about it and how we can grow in faith with the Book of
Mormon and how we can learn to trust it. It was so cool because I've
met with him 3 or so times, and this was the first time he was asking
real questions, and I could tell that the spirit and what we had said
had gotten to him. You could just see the gears turning in his head,
and his questions were so honest and sincere! It was really
refreshing, and we even committed him that if he finds out it is true
that he will get baptized.

On Saturday we were supposed to have a street display, but the form
never came. So rather than give up we just had a big finding activity
in Gelsenkirchen with our district! It was a little strange not having
a stand, but we ended up having a lot of success. And, the Lord
answered a prayer of mine. I don't know why I was feeling so gloomy,
but I wasn't feeling myself, and I didn't feel like getting rejected
for 2 hours. After a long prayer, I started to get going, and I found
people that started saying yes! It was super fun, and we ended up
being really successful with getting numbers and giving out books.

Yesterday we got to experience something really cool as well. We
helped a small Romanian family move a couch into their home the other
week, and we went by to talk to them with a Romanian translator on the
phone. We stayed for about 30 minutes saying they didn't want to take
the lessons, but that they would take a pamphlet when we get it. Once
we left, the woman called back saying she wanted us to go back so she
could see what kind of problems they had so she could help them, so we
went back for another 40 minutes haha. It was so cool though because I
told her it would only take 15 minutes but she went above and beyond
and even called us later that night saying she had just spoken with
them. So wonderful to see people want to help.

Things are picking up here! It's getting more and more fun, and elder

Lewis and I are having a good time. Have a good week!

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