Monday, December 7, 2015

Off to Gelsenkirchen

Well I’ve got some bittersweet news, being that I have been transferred
out of Offenbach and into a city called Gelsenkirchen up around
Dortmund and Essen. I don’t really know anything about my new companion
or area, but it should be pretty good! I am just excited to see if
there are some Christmas markets, because those are one of my favorite
things over here. The one in Frankfurt is pretty cool, but I’m excited
to go back up north. I actually leave
 tomorrow, and I will have to
change trains in Cologne, so I’m super excited to just be in the city
and be in the train station again, it is like a small dream come true.
I have missed that city ever since I left.

It was a good last week though, and we were pretty busy as well. I got
to see some pretty cool things as well as do some fun things. It wasn’t
as hard to say goodbye as I thought, but that doesn’t mean I liked it.

On Tuesday I got to see Andy, and I got to go see his twin baby boys
that were only one day old! They were so cute, and it helped remind me
again of why we are here, and how pure and innocent little children
are. It’s always a humbling experience. The next day we went back and
taught his stepson, who is going to be baptized early next year, and
then his mother. We just began teaching them a week or two ago, but
since Andy is a member, they talk a lot about the church and want to
become members. We just need to take it slow and make sure they
understand everything.

I got to see Greg this week and said goodbye. It was sad because
something just felt different, and it made me sad for him and Ajda. I
just think they need time, but I just want them to choose the right
path and be baptized right now! I think they will come to it again in
the future.

On Saturday we spent a good chunk of time helping Sister Young paint
her house with Aaron our ward mission leader, and we had a fun time
and also had some really good discussions as well. I am so excited for
her to come back to church, I was just bummed I never got to see her
come while I was here. We just talked about very deep things, and I
think the Lord put words in my mouth. I shared a video and by the end
she was teary eyed, and I think it got across to her a lot better than
I did. The spirit is awesome.

Excited to see what this new area brings. It may be a challenge, maybe
not, but the Lord wants me to be there because he knows it is the best
opportunity for me to learn, so hopefully I will figure it out! Thanks
for all of your love, emails, and prayers. Love you all!

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