Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, and I hope everyone is
ready to take on the New Year that's coming up. Can't believe how fast
it has come! It's so weird thinking that in just a few days it will
be 2016! But, this year has helped me grow a lot. I'm so glad I got to
spend the entire year of 2015 as a missionary for the Lord.

Christmas was fantastic, and in Germany they celebrate Christmas for 3
days!! Christmas Eve we had a fun Christmas service at the church and
then we went and had a wonderful time at the Ziegner family's house.
We laughed, talked, had some really good food, and then I watched the
family play Mario kart. It was super fun because they are the type of
family that makes you feel like their own. Also I got told by the 9
year old that she thinks I'm very handsome haha. How funny!

Christmas Day we just took it easy. We slept in a bit, which was
heavenly, we opened presents, and we went over to a member’s house
where we played skipbo! We even got to watch big hero 6, which was
pretty fun. The weird thing was that it wasn't weird watching a movie.
I loved it! Not to mention we Skyped our parents, which was needless
to say my highlight. That, the movie, and chasing the cats with a toy

Second Christmas we were invited over to two families houses, and both
of them stuffed us to the brim. I won't lie; I am sick and tired of
getting chocolate!! One member gave us a half kilogram Santa! There's
no way I can eat that! So I have probably put on a few pounds
unfortunately, but it's not like you can escape the holidays

It was almost like we had a week off, it was heavenly! But, gotta kick
things back into gear and finish off strong. This week we have one
more holiday where we get to go in early, so...New Years. Because we
live on the 7th floor I will actually get to see a decent firework
show this year, and the other elders are overnighting. Right before
that we are going to a catholic mass, so it will be a really fun

Thanks for all of the Christmas cards and love you sent my way, I hope
you all have a fun and safe New Years! Well, I'll see hopefully all of
you next year!

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