Monday, December 21, 2015


Wednesday Dagmar was baptized in Herne and the service was great! None of us really took any photos because it really wasn’t very big. I didn’t
know her either, so don’t be mad!  It was really small but nice, and
a member brought her friend and we might start teaching him the
lessons after Christmas! How cool would that be?

Being new here, I wanted to get on the wards good side, so I asked the
bishop if there was anybody he wanted us to call or go by on. He
immediately gave us a name and I called her a few days later and she
was really glad that I called. She talked to me for like 30 minutes,
but she was more just frustrated that nobody else had called before
me. Well, sorry! Anyways we went by and the spirit was there, but I
think she just feels too hurt by a bunch of random stuff, so I think
we are going to turn her over to the ward to work with.

One really cool thing that happened last week, was that as we were
going to her house we had to take the bus and the bus driver contacted
us because we were speaking English and he lived in England for 12
years. We ended up just staying on the bus so we could talk with him,
and he was super impressed and really liked us. We gave him our card
and said he would check it out.

As we were doing our studies, the other elders ran into him and he
said that he knew me! How cool is that that he ran into the other
elders and remembered my name!

That’s pretty much it, I'm sorry this is a short letter..Koln was my
favorite part of the week, and I think I wrote about that last week.
Anyways, take care, and have a very Merry Christmas!


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