Monday, November 30, 2015

Gearing up for Christmas

Tuesday really set the week up to be a good one with a solid zone
training all about Christmas and the new Christmas initiative. It got
us all very excited and motivated to get out there and work and find
some people. I got a fun post card from the Nowaks as well, so if
you’re reading this, Vielen dank, ich vermisse euch!

That night we did a lot of finding near the Christmas market here in
Offenbach, and we had a lot of really positive and uplifting contacts
that got us all excited for the Christmas season. Something cool was
that we contacted one of the people in a stand at the market and she
wanted a Romanian book of mormon, so we took it by the next day for
her and she was super happy.

Something really different happened this week. One of our
investigators grandmas died, and we had the funeral at the church. We
sang nearer my god to thee, and it was really nice. During the
service, it was just so obvious to me that there was a life before
this one as well as one after this one. This life is too short and too
meaningful to go to waste and have no point once we die. It was just a
nice realization.

I had a split this week in Frankfurt and we did some dooring, which is
my least favorite method of finding, BUT it went great. We ended up
talking to two people on the doorstep for about 20 minutes a piece.
Both of them knew us, and both said that we could meet another time. I
can’t tell you how refreshing that is to hear.

Because of the Christmas markets here in the area, there have been a
lot more Americans in the area, which has been a lot of fun. Its always
fun to just get a little taste from home. Americans are pretty cool
people I guess :)

Well, things have been really working up to Christmas, which has been
really fun. Im excited to see what comes from it. I hope to be able to
report to you all some awesome miracles soon! I wish you all a great
week, and to stay warm!

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