Monday, November 9, 2015

A week of firsts

I got to do a lot of "Firsts" last week with the new call and opportunity to be a district leader. It was a lot of fun, and I went on a zone leader split and got to kind of feel like I was seeing how the mission functioned. There was also a meeting for the leaders where we discussed the vision of our mission and the things that we want to see in our areas and districts. Normally I am not one to like meetings, but that one was pretty good.

Also got to hold my first district meeting, which was a fun new experience. It was neat getting to lead it all and to welcome the three new people into the district.

On our way home one night, we came across a super big leaf pile in the middle of a park, so I took off my coat and jumped in! I couldn’t pass that up! So the next morning we went back for morning exercise and got all dirty, but it was so much fun!

Another night on our way home we were trying to use our time rather than just go in. Well, I’m sure glad we didn’t go in because I had one of the funniest experiences with a drunk Bulgarian guy. He started holding our hands after he would shake them, and was yelling that he loved God. So, we gave him a card with Christ on it so he could call us later, but he just started kissing it. We realized that he was beyond reaching at the moment, so we told him we had to go. Funniest part is, is that he grabbed Elder Sommer and cupped his hand and patted his face, and did the same with me after I took a good number of steps back.

The work is still going a little slow, but the work is going better for the other elders. Fortunately, we did meet with a woman that we contacted last week and she wants to meet this week, so we were excited for that particular lesson.

We love a couple that we have been working with but they have been super busy lately.  We haven’t had any opportunities to teach them for a while now.  They each got 2 jobs and don’t have much extra time.  A member actually ran into them the other day and asked them where they had been and she said they have been so busy, which I know is true because we saw it, and she said they were still interested.  Nobody is giving up on them, so that makes me happy.  I love them as friends and hope I can help them.

Not a whole lot to report this week, but hopefully things will pick up. Thanks for everything everyone!

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