Monday, November 16, 2015

Drunk wants to date companion!

Hey everyone, Im going to make this quick because I dont have a lot of time.

Something funny that happened while we were finding, was that a drunk
polish guy contacted us and wouldnt let me talk. He would only talk to
Elder Sommer...and then asked him out to dinner and told him he would
pick him up. When both of us tried to explain that we cant separate,
nor want to, he was livid and I was just laughing because I couldnt
believe what was happening. When he finally drove off on his moped, he
was still driving on the sidewalk and almost swerved into a parked

Something cool that happened really helped cheer me up, was that we
had a day almost free from rejection! I was having a really rough day,
and pretty much the only thing planned for 8 hours was finding. I just
wasnt having a good day, but as we began contacting, the first 2
people we contacted gave us their numbers, and we even had a small
lesson with one of them. At the end of the day, after a long trip that
at the time seemed for nothing, a 21 year old got on the bus and we
talked with him for 30 minutes! He gave us his number and invited us
to a religious group he goes to. Lastly, after he got off the train
(He got on our train after we got off the bus) I went to the bathroom
and as I was walking back I was contacted by a worker on the train and
asked me to translate for a guy. Turns out he was a refugee, and one
of the nicest guys ever. Anyways, that day was so full of miracles
that it was a sign for me that the Lord was watching out for me on one
of my worst days, and that he loved me.

Things have been really busy since I have become the district leader,
but I love it so much. Cant believe that it has already gone by so
fast!! Anyways, take care, and stay safe!

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