Monday, November 2, 2015

Another week gone by!

Hey Everyone - it's been another great week.

On Tuesday we had our Book of Mormon Circle again and that went really
well although nobody new showed up. Earlier that day though we met a
really special lady while we were out contacting. We asked her a few
questions and she was very bubbly, but it changed when we asked her
what faith she was from. She said catholic, but that she didn’t go
anymore. She told us she felt like God was trying to reach out to her
since we were the third people to talk to her about God. We got her
number, but as we were saying goodbye I felt like I needed to testify
to her, so I promised her that God was reaching out to her, and that
she was loved by Him and He was watching out for her. All at once she
burst into tears and just kept thanking us. She ended up calling us
and worked out an appointment, but she was sick and explained how she
wasn’t able to go to work, so she asked if this week would be ok. So,
hopefully things work out!

On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to that religious group
again! It is super fun but I think we are going to skip this week, we
don’t want to come off like we are trying to crash or dominate their
group. But, there were some people there and they asked us some
questions concerning our faith, which was pretty neat. I mean, that’s
why we go!

On Friday we met with a less active and she made us dinner and we got
to sit down and talk with her boys. We shared a spiritual thought as
usual, but then we ended and tried to take down the barriers between
us and the kids, because lets be honest, missionaries are strange! We
are just different! So we broke things down real simple and got
talking about God and if he really exists. We ended up having a super
cool discussion and we left the boys with a commitment to experiment
and see if God is there by praying, just like you can experiment with
science and find out truth.

Not a real fast week but not really slow either. Its gotten pretty
cool here, and that has been nice going out with a jacket on.

Hope you all have a good week!


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