Monday, October 26, 2015

40 Day fast brings miracles

Just began another transfer. Too bad it feels like I just started the
last one. Nuts how the time flies by! I’ve been noticing that a bunch
of my friends are going home whether they are in this mission or
people that I was in the MTC with.

A special shout out to Bill Everson who had a birthday this week!  Happy Birthday!

We had some pretty amazing things happen to us this week, and so I am
excited to share them with you!

On Tuesday I had one of the best splits ever! We had a Book of Mormon
Circle planned for that night since we are starting it up again, and
as were on our way there from another city, I contacted a guy on the
train and decided to go an extra station since it was going ok. He
didn't end up having interest, but I was glad I did it. As we were
walking to her place, I saw this guy a few times but never talked to
him. As we continued walking, he stopped us and asked us what church
we were from. Turns out he had met the missionaries in Croatia before
and had also gone to church twice! We told him we were on our way to
this woman’s house, and that she also spoke Croatian and when we
invited him to come he said yes!

Right now there is a 40 day fast going on with the ward, and this was
one of the miracles that we saw this week. Once we got in there they
kept going back and forth, and the woman’s niece was there and she
joined in and testified of the church even though she wasn't a member!
They pretty much taught the first lesson and we had him read Moroni 10
in Serbian. He told us how good he felt, and how he felt so happy! The
only word he could use to describe it, was to say that it made him
feel brave. Hopefully he will be attending this week
 on Tuesday. The
niece requested a blessing as well because she was feeling down, and
she had a miracle happen the last time elders gave her a blessing.
Once the blessing was over, she was crying and thanked us. We are
going to begin teaching both of them from now on!

We also tried a new experiment this week, which consists of visiting
the members, asking them to pray for us, and then contacting in the
area. It works super well! And we talked to so many friendly people
that didn't wave their hands at us like a magician and then walk away
like normal!

There were just a lot of things that went well this week. One last
thing. A while ago I wrote that we met with a religious group, and one
day this last week we met the leader on the street and he invited us
back! Well nobody showed up but his friend and a family member, so
they had us teach them about our church! The leader actually wants us
to come back and teach the lessons and see if we can work together in
the community to help people out! How cool would that be? This 40 day
fast is working miracles for us in the field!

Much juicier than what the past few weeks have been, so I hope you all
enjoyed it, and that yall got a glimpse of things over here. Thanks
for all you do!


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