Monday, October 5, 2015

Awesome Conference talks!

This week went by so fast, but there were some days that just didn’t seem to end!  Day after day though I just keep finding myself in bed again, and it
is absolutely wild.

For a district meeting with a few elders and sisters I gave a
presentation about sacrificing things for missions, and what was cool
was that I learned as I was talking. It’s always cool when you say
things you didn’t plan, but that fit in perfectly.

Every week as of a week or two ago, we began trying to focus on weekly
Christ-like attributes, and last week was diligence. I wont lie, the
contacting this week was tough. We came home one night and we had
about 25 minutes to spare. After coming right back from a service
project we decided to run up and change clothes and go contact for 20
or so minutes. As soon as we stepped out the door there was a man
walking past the door that we have talked to multiple times. If we had
come out a minute later or even a few seconds later he would have been
gone! We ended up having a pretty good discussion too. Blessings!

On Friday we had the opportunity to have a street display and it went
unbelievably well! We gave out somewhere very close to 30 books, and
we got to know a guy that we ended up teaching the next day. He even
came to conference!

That’s pretty much the latest and greatest from me. Not too much has
changed lately. Just a lot of really good conference talks from the
Prophet and Apostles
 on Sunday. Love you all!


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