Monday, September 28, 2015

Slow week

Just another week here in Germany!

Probably one of my smaller letters, but not a ton has changed since
the last week. Things are moving forward, but very slowly. We had a
pretty cool zone conference with about 60 missionaries, and it
was just kind of a booster and made us want to work harder. I love
these conferences because I get to learn a lot and get pumped,
although I think I lose steam pretty easily haha, but I like them a lot
because I get to see friends. The problem lately, is that most of the
missionaries I know are already home!

I got kicked out of a house for the first time this week. As we were
trying to start teaching one of our investigators, his brother walked
in and saw us teaching and didn’t want us to since he is
Muslim. Kind of a bummer.

Sunday was the children’s program and we had quite a few people show
up, which probably made it the highlight of my week. Not only was it
super cute, but the people visiting loved it, and I heard from a
member that one of the visitors was tearing up quite a bit. That made
me feel really good inside. Afterward was our church lunch, and that
was super tasty! One lady told me about her conversion story, and it
was quite bizarre but really good! Everyone finds the church in their
own way.

No big updates this week, I’m sorry, but I did get fed a lot this week
by members. Mostly I would say that this week has just been a lot of
thinking, and I’m hoping to do a little more changing, and become a better 

person with the time I have left.

Love you all!

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