Monday, September 7, 2015

Deuteronomy 4:29-31

Hey everyone! Can’t believe another week has gone by! Sometimes I can’t
believe I have almost been gone a year and a half.

I started trying something new this week that actually worked pretty
well! Every time we are about to go out and do a long streak of
contacting, I pray about what random language I should bring with me.
Well I tried it and I was able to give out a few books in other
languages! I don’t do that every time, I just thought it was a neat new

This week we met up with that couple that we helped move last week,
and it went great! They fed us dinner, and we had a great lesson and
they are really thinking about the church in their future, which is
amazing! We were with them a little longer than expected, and because
we had a scheduled appointment for a church tour they drove us to the
church. Well we ended up giving them a tour, and then the guy never
even showed up, which we were thankful for because he was acting all
psycho on the phone and all four of us actually thought he was going
to come and cause some serious trouble. He may have been high...On the
bright side they want to come to church!

We got to have a street display in Aschaffenburg this week, but it got
rained out. It has actually been very rainy and kind of cold lately.
It’s turning into sweater weather! Finally! The day before the street
display we were there as well, but because we met with a less active
member. He is so cool, and he is such a positive example of just
moving forward and being happy. He went to Africa and stayed longer
than expected, and because he couldn’t move his stuff from his
apartment in Germany the landlord just threw everything away.
Everything he had worked for in the last 15 or so years just gone. But
he is so positive, and I just can’t understand how he is so upbeat! But
I shared Deuteronomy 4:29-31 and not only is it one of my new
favorites, but it really boosted him too.

Sorry I don’t have much time, but I hope that this will do the trick
this week. Love you guys! You guys are bomb!

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