Monday, August 31, 2015

Teaching and baseball!

Another good week here in Offenbach! Elder Sommer had a god visit to
the temple last week, and I just toured around Frankfurt a little bit.
The work this week actually went pretty well too. It is pretty tough
finding new people to teach, but things seem to be moving along, and
we are still having a good time.

On Monday after PDay we played some basketball with our good friends,
Greg and Ajda, and we had a fantastic time and then taught about the
plan of salvation and helped them set up a genealogy account, which was
pretty cool. I am so proud of them! They have set so many goals on
their own and are challenging themselves. I’m thoroughly convinced that
I am here to learn from them, because I am not doing anything special
with them. It has just been so much fun to see them grow and become
progressively happier, and it really is true. Just makes me so happy
to see just two people taking these steps, and makes it completely
worth it being here if they are the only ones I end up teaching.

Hopefully that changes though! Recently we had the opportunity to help
some referrals with a move to a different apartment, and we had such a
fun time and I feel like we became close friends. We ended helping out
for about 7 or so hours, and we were both just dead afterwards, but
they really appreciated our help, and we are going to try to teach the
lessons to them this upcoming week once they are all settled in their
apartment. Super fun couple!

On kind of a funny note, during lunch hours and free time, we play
baseball because we found this big cardboard tube that had some maps
in it and we also had a small squish ball that we use, so we have been
playing in the kitchen every now and then. Sometimes an Elder will get
hit in the face, but its all fun. We had the other Elders over for
dinner hour
 Sunday night and we played then as well. We have to get
our energy out somehow!

Just a few days ago we had a street display in Offenbach that went
pretty well! We had the zone leaders there as well and in total I
think we gave out somewhere around 12 books. There were a lot of
really cool people we talked to, but there were also a lot of those
people that just aren’t ready...but one of those cool guys was super
interested and was a part of a religious group called Bahai. I have
only ever met one person that had that same faith, but they seem like
they are genuinely good people that try to help people, and so it was
really refreshing to talk to him.

Lots of good little things about this week like always, but I am
mostly excited for our two friends! I think we will be able to get
them in the water soon, and they are already so ready for it. Great
things are happening in Germany, just step by step. Summer seems to be
coming to an end, so I hope everyone was able to have a great summer
break/vacations! Thanks for all of your support and love!

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