Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Heavenly Father is a good listener!

Things are really starting to look up over here in Offenbach. We did a
number of fun things and we also had some fun success this week. The
work is picking up! Well, at least with two people it is, but I will
take what I can get! I’m grateful for any work that I have right now.

There was a senior missionary in the office that got
married this week, and so we were invited to go to the reception at
the church. It was strange but I felt like a normal person! The good news is
that I ate tons of free food as well as German wedding cake, which was
pretty dang good. President Stoddard, the mission president, was there
too! We felt kind of funny just being there, so we talked with him and
he didn’t think it was a problem to just leave. So, instead we went and
got an appointment with Greg and Ajda and then as we were walking, a
member from Coburg saw us and gave us two referrals that we are
meeting with
 on Wednesday! Pretty neat!

Also, a member from our ward invited us to set up a street display
beside her flea market stand, which was pretty cool. It was a pretty
dry street display, but I ran into this guy from Ohio, and so I
contacted him and we had a good discussion and it turns out he has a
good friend that is Mormon. He told us how much he admired what we
were doing, and then he told us he had to go. Well, about 2 or so
hours later I saw this guy again! He hadn’t seen me yet, so I started
singing the University of Michigan fight song and we both busted out
laughing. I gave him our card and I think he said he would tell his
friend he ran into us. As we were saying goodbye the second time, he
started singing the Ohio State anthem, which made me laugh. Talking
with him also helped me to realize the difference between Americans
and Germans....holy cow Americans are a lot easier to talk to! Not
just because it is in English, but we are just so different socially.
Gotta love my Germans though!

Greg and Ajda are doing fantastic and are progressing unlike anything
I have ever seen! It is so incredible to be a part of this, and we
have become close friends and I really do love them. We had some
really wonderful experiences this week. A lot of it I would like to
keep to myself, but I’ll share a few things that were awesome. They
realized the other day how Christ is actually important, that he wasn’t
just this devoted guy that died on a cross, but rather much much more.
We also gave them a small church tour, and as soon as they walked in
they felt the spirit. We also invited them to church and they LOVED
it! The themes that were talked about were awesome, and the members
were pretty much flocking around them trying to get to know them. It
has just been such a fun and wonderful experience for me. I really
don’t even think that they need me since they seem to be learning
everything on their own. My thought is that I am supposed to learn
something from them. They are so special, and true friends of mine.

Elder Sommer continues to progress well! We have continued working
well together and he seems to be pretty much adjusted to the culture
and everything. He is actually at the Frankfurt Temple today with
Elder Leppert, one of the other Offenbach Elders, since they both
haven’t gone yet and it is closing for two years. Today is just a
relaxing day for Elder Taylor and I. We are going to be going around
Frankfurt and just looking at all of the things we could maybe do.

Things are getting really exciting over here! Hope everyone is having
a good time back home as well. One of the biggest things I have
learned on my mission is about prayer. I know that our prayers are
heard. I know that the prayers of the people I teach are heard. I
promise that as you pray, you will be heard. You may not hear a voice,
but God will answer in his own way, and he also just a really good
listener! Love you guys!

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