Monday, August 17, 2015

Fantastic week!

Exciting week for us this week! Maybe you will think so too. This week
I took Elder Sommer on our first contacting outing and I was really
nervous he was going to be kind of crushed because they really just
don’t go all that well most of the time. Well, within 15 minutes we gave
out all three books we had and we had to go back to the apartment and
get more! It was awesome!

Now for something that nobody else will really care about, but Ill
still babble about it anyway. With the trains here, we always get our
cards checked while we are traveling right? Well the people that do
the checking have the sweetest red ties that missionaries try to get
while they are here. I have been trying ever since I got here
and I finally got one!! It’s the coolest thing ever, and the guy just
handed it to me! Life is good people, life is good.

Later that same day, we had an appointment with a less active woman
from Utah, and she told us that her son would be there so that we
could come inside. Well, the only problem is that our rule calls for
the person to be 18 years or older and this kid was maybe 10. Elder
Sommer didn’t know about the rule since he is brand new, but it was
just eating me up inside that we were in there, so I asked if we could
go out to the park right next to her house and she was super
supportive of my request. I felt a ton of pressure because I had to
pretty much break into the conversation, but I was able to feel the
spirit once we made the decision to talk outside, and we ended up
having a pretty spiritual lesson.

On Friday we spent almost the entire day in Aschaffenburg because we
had so many plans, which happens like never! We had to make a lot of
connections, so we had an app loaded on my iPad to tell us exactly
where we needed to go in order to make it. As soon as we got to
the main train station it bugged out and I lost the information.
Luckily there was wifi, so I stepped to the side to load it. All of a
sudden we were approached by a guy telling us he was a member that was
trying to find the church! We had a great talk and we switched numbers
and have since been in contact. How cool! We then made our bus out to our
remote location and had a great and peaceful lesson. We were then able
to make it back in time to meet with one of our referrals and her dad,
who bought us lunch. We didn't teach much, but we talked and then we
brought up the Book of Mormon and testified and I think they both felt
something. With still some daylight left, we went by on a cool
potential that we had contacted a number of weeks ago, and visited him
at his shop right as he was leaving. He ended up giving us a tour and
asked us about our work and then told us he had given the Book of
Mormon we gave him to his mom, and that she was reading through it at
the moment! Way cool!

Fantastic week with a lot of miracles. Hoping that it keeps up, and
that I can only report better and better news. Hope you are still
having a nice summer! The hottest summer in 40 years over here looks
like it is finally over. Phew! Have a good week everyone!

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