Monday, September 14, 2015

Hooray for functioning toilet!

This week I would just like to say that I am so grateful for a functioning toilette! Our landlord finally got himself together and got our toilette repaired after almost 5 months of being broken! 

One morning this week we were invited over for breakfast, and it was fantastic to have an American breakfast! It was the best breakfast I have had in well over a year! We then later went back to Greg’s for dinner which was also amazing, and we showed them this really cool program that the church just came out with, and so it was a really neat experience. 

I also had a zone leader and district leader split this week, so it was kind of crazy organizing everything! My favorite was with Elder White, my zone leader. We had a ton of contacting success, which of course just amped us up and made the split even more fun! After a coordination meeting, we went out to finish the night off contacting. Elder White played college basketball, and saw some kids playing and so he asked if he could join while I contacted. There was this one really cool kid from Ukraine, and we got along really well. He kept telling me that he had to go, but he never left, and just kept talking to me. We eventually took him back to the church and gave him a book in Ukrainian, and he loved it! We are going to meet up with him hopefully some time this week and play basketball and then teach him the first lesson. All together he and I talked for over an hour! 

A few nights ago we went out contacting, and I prayed about what language I should bring with me. I didn’t get any particular feeling, but I grabbed a Romanian translation. We met a cool African guy that set up an appointment with us, but he spoke English. Still hoping to give this one copy out, I talked to a guy on the bus ride home. Where was he from? Romania! He felt like God loved him but that he was just too bad of a person and that he couldn’t ever change that. We talked for a good while at our bus stop and then gave him our number and our Romanian copy. It was awesome! Can’t believe this little technique works! 

Lastly, we spoke to a man from India and he happened to be Christian! We explained what we were doing and he listened pretty intently. As we explained the Book of Mormon he became fascinated, and ate it up when we gave it to him. We had him read Moroni 10 3-5 and I asked him how he felt, and he said, "I feel like I don’t even have to ask if it is true". He asked if he could ride with us to where we were going, and we said yes. We were going home, so we had him wait outside and we ran in and grabbed a Hindi translation to which he was very excited. He asked if he could donate 30 euro to the mission, but we instead gave him our card and the web address for the church so he could find his own congregation in India and do it there. What a cool guy! I love this work! It is so cool and so rewarding and fulfilling. 

Got to see some pretty cool things this week. I really love it here. I hope everyone has had a great week! Love you all and wishing you the best!

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