Monday, October 19, 2015

Scriptures are the best!

Hey Everyone!

  So first I would like to say that if you have any sort of apple device
and have an icloud and want to add me to check out photos, then send
me your ID and I’ll be happy to add you.

Something that I commonly ask missionaries is what drives them to be
the way they are and to do what they do. I was reading in the
scriptures this week and I came across Alma 29:10 where Alma just
straight up tells why he commits his everything to the work, so I
thought that was pretty cool and thought it would probably be the best
to have that be my driving force to be a missionary. So many things
you can learn from scriptures.

One morning we had the privilege of having breakfast with two
referrals. It went really well, and we had lots of fun. Then we got to share a spiritual thought, so we had the first lesson or restoration as our
main point. Afterwards we had a way fun Gemiko coordination meeting
with our ward mission leader and had a good dinner made by him and his

We got to do lots of gobys and contacting this week, and we met some
pretty cool people! One we are going to meet with on Thursday we
think. But it was really fun to see that people were put in our path
to brighten our day and to talk to.

Sorry to say that this is it for this last week, but I'll make up for
it in photos from PDay today. I'd like to wish you all the best, and
hope y'all have a great week. Take care!


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