Monday, March 30, 2015

I am not in charge...

I am pleased to say that I can now enjoy life even more now that we have finally moved forward an hour. It is sooo nice having it light at night when we proselyte! I wont lie that I was kind of a mess when I lost an hour of sleep, but it was worth it seeing it light at 7! Hope you all are doing well and had a good week. 

We got to start the week off on Tuesday with our Zone conference with the N├╝rnberg and Erfurt zones. I saw a few of my friends from the MTC and it was fantastic. One said to me he felt I would be the right person to talk to if he were to get a motorcycle. We pretty much talked the whole free time just about it and we are now convinced we will move in together as roommates haha. One thing I love about the mission is how many people you meet. There are so many wonderful people out there in the world. During zone conference, we had some awesome awesome talks. At the very end we had the opportunity to watch Meet the Mormons, and it was sooo awesome. Of course, I am a little biased and to the fact I haven’t seen a movie that was played in a theatre in 11 months. But! I can officially say I have watched South Park on my mission! Thank you Meet the Mormons! Haha. If you haven’t seen it, do it. It’s awesome and really informative.

The weather this week was both heavenly and awful. Yesterday we rode in the windy rain, and Wednesday we studied in a park without our jackets.

I finally applied for my German license! Took me long enough. Its kind of a bummer for Germans because it costs about 2000€ for them to get theirs and then I just hop off the plane and say, "ohhh Ill take one of those!". I’m not complaining though! 

We had a handful of really awesome lessons this week, which was really encouraging. It’s just the coolest thing when people ask legitimate questions and have genuine interest in the things we have to say. 

I won’t lie, a lot of people have a hard time understanding Elder Andrus. Not because his German is bad, because its actually really good, but its because his voice is so deep! Haha. We visited an older gentleman this week and we talked a little and set up a return time. Well, every time Elder Andrus said something, the old man would then look at me as soon as he had finished speaking. Funniest thing ever! Its not just the old guy though haha. 

We had a few miracles this week as well I’d like to share. We ran into old investigators all over the place! It was just the most perfect timing too! The Lords timing is just simply amazing. Small things for him sure seem crazy to us. We ran into an old investigator that had just returned from Africa, and that was after we had been buzzed in after pushing his name on the name board. Well, he wasn’t home. We talked to his neighbor and he said he had been gone for a while, and then on the way out we ran into another one of his neighbors. As we were talking, he said, "Oh here comes Emmanuel now" which was just so crazy! We got stalled out just long enough for him to show up.

We ended up having a fantastic lesson with him a few days later. He had met with missionaries before and we explained some things that made him put all the information together and he had some pretty big "Aha" moments where it all clicked. 

This week was fantastic, and the miracles showed me once again that I am not in charge no matter how hard I may try. I know that this gospel is true, and I love doing the Lords work. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and that all the sad things happening in the world won’t drag you down. Love you all!


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