Monday, March 23, 2015

Long week!

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a good week!

I won’t lie, this wasn’t one of my better ones. Despite all of the awesome lessons and people we met last week, everyone was busy this week. The flu is also making its way around again, and so a few of the people we teach got sick too. Because we didn’t have a ton of lessons, we worked a lot on a specific lesson that we had to prepare. The church has a program for quitting smoking, and we were able to get a hold of it after somebody asked us to teach it to them. We spent quite a few hours preparing that, and once we met to actually teach it, it went well! A little different than planned but well. That was on Saturday and only like the second lesson of the whole week. 

Earlier times we had met with AJ and another guy, and those lessons were good. 

Friday was kind of a joke. Everything kind of just fell out one thing after another. Even finding our way around in a small city! How does that happen! Apparently our card doesn’t work for that specific bus haha. 

The next day we visited Bad Berneck and went by a guy that was on our less active list. Turns out he hasn’t been to church since he was a boy! We talked and he and his wife really liked us so I asked if we could come by sometime and "Practice" the lessons on them. Haha, they wont know what hit 'em. That same day we went by the international student housing to go and see if an old investigator had returned. He was there! We had a great discussion and he invited us back. The highlight of the week were his words, "My life is great, but I just feel like something’s missing. A connection to up there or something". That made us so happy and kind of redeemed the other days. 

Sunday was also good as we had our third member meal lesson in a row! The food tasted so good and we had a fun time with them and playing with their little kids. Afterwards we visited Erik and then did some reading. For whatever reason we were dead tired after that, so we went home and we did our daily studies. 

Sorry there is not more to write, not a very exciting week. Hope you all did though! Take care and have a good one.


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