Monday, March 16, 2015

Best week yet?

This week was full of miracles and was possibly the best one yet. It was just so exciting!

On Tuesday we decided to go to Bad Berneck to visit a bunch of members that don’t come anymore. We only ran into one and then almost all of the others had moved away or had bad addresses. The only one we ran into took quite the work! The gps told us to go in the wrong direction, but by so doing we found this super cool empty apartment complex that is just laid to waste. It is like some sort of apocalyptic looking building now. Its sweet!! We walked around and there are just so many cool things to see. I’ll send some photos of the inside and maybe the outside if I have time. On the way home we also ran into an old member. Too bad he doesn’t want to be a member again! Oh well, his loss I guess. Can’t force a horse to drink! 

Our district meeting was also very good this week. We talked about goals and how destructive doubt can be. We set district goals and really raised our sights and got me pumped up. It was what I needed because I won’t lie, doubt eats at me quite a bit sometimes. After we had this meeting though the week just got even better. Right after we went on a split and so I went with Elder Coombs to Rainers house and had a great lesson about the restoration. He was silent and listened the whole time just nodding his head and agreeing the whole time, which is totally unlike him according to his record. I really think he will become a member. He is such a good soul.

On Thursday we taught one of AJs friends, Lukas. Lukas was really quiet but loved speaking English with us. We taught him the first lesson and at the end offered him a BoM and asked him to pray about it but he told us he knew he wouldn’t do that, and that it wasn’t for him. I challenged him instead that night just to pray to god and even see if he was there. He said he would think about it, so we just said our goodbyes. Well, apparently he called AJ the next morning telling him he wants to meet with us! How sweet is that! He must have gotten an answer! We are so excited to meet with him! 

This week has been amazing for many reasons. Elder Andrus and I got comp ties this week from a guy that we met. They are Deutsche Post ties! They are pretty homely I won’t lie, but they are so sweet at the same time! That next day we met with Erik and baked him cookies because he asked for some. He devoured them even though he is diabetic haha. That same day we met with Frau Brown and she had so many questions about the church just because she hasn’t gone in such a long time. It was really good though.

Here is the highlight of the week! We were starting our studies as normal and we got a call from a guy named Richard, and he said he wanted to meet with us! What!!! He asked if we could meet that same day and I just about passed out! Well, not really, but you can imagine how excited I was, and how normal I was trying to act on the phone. It was sweet! He had actually met with the Elders quite a long time ago, but he called us because Elder Andrus saw him on a record and called him a few weeks ago. Once we got over, we had about a 2 hour discussion and they were asking us the best but some of the hardest questions. When we would answer or make certain comments, they would get really excited and make connections as to why it would make sense. Oh by the way, he had a friend there too who was equally as excited as he was. They absolutely loved it and invited us back again. They said how they were looking for the truth, and how every church has a little bit of it, but how they want the whole thing. Well...come on over buddy and lets have a good talk! Haha it was so awesome! Elder Andrus and I were just glowing the rest of the day.

Well that’s the news that I have for now, or rather have time to write. I hope you all have a good week and had a good spring break! Love you guys and take care!


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