Monday, April 6, 2015


I can’t believe Easter has already come and gone!! Its crazy! Hopefully everyone was able to relax, enjoy some chocolate, and spend some time with their families eating tons and tons of food! 

Monday Elder Andrus and I decided to go on an adventure in Bayreuth and go to the famous opera house before we went to Nürnberg to go on a split. We went, paid the money, and started walking around only finding a very few things to read. Getting kind of frustrated we went out the door that led to the auditorium and everything was covered in sheets and scaffolding. We were pretty mad, and asked the guy for our money back since we clearly had only been inside for 5 or so minutes. Well, the guy wasn’t very nice and told us to read the sign outside so we left haha. But, because we were in such a foul mood, we left for Nürnberg early, which ended up being a super awesome blessing! We were about 5 minutes away and the leader tried to cancel the split because of complications. We showed up only a few minutes later, and because we did we ended up going still! As the split went farther everything worked out perfectly and all the stress was gone. 

The split itself was so much fun! The area I went to was an American Army area, so I saw Ford Mustangs everywhere! I had American Soda, chocolate, chips, and I even got to set foot on American soil. We tried to get on base with a member to race and get Taco Bell before it closed, but it ended up not working out. Oh well! Oh! I also saw some soldiers, a convoy, and some Black Hawk helicopters. 

Had some awesome visits and great teaching opportunities.

That was the highlight of my week as well as spending all of Sunday in Graf to watch General Conference. We ended up getting permission from President to spend the night, so we had a pretty good time with the Graf Elders and had a pretty tasty American meal made by the bishop of that ward and is Danish wife. The whole time the guys played guitar and chess all while screaming in Batman voices haha. 

Lastly, we found out this week that every one of us are getting iPads on the 24th of April! Can’t say I’m not excited for that! We also found out that we are losing an entire zone to the Berlin mission after this transfer. Kind of a bummer, but I guess that stuff happens. Well I wish I could write more but I gotta go! Love you all! Hope this email made sense because I wrote super fast! Have a wonderful week!


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