Monday, April 27, 2015

Hit by a car.....but protected by the Lord

This sure was a week to remember you guys, just so much happened. For those of you that thought that last weeks was too long, then good for you, this one is much shorter because of time, but also just because I’m tired of typing. 

Two very large events happened this week that I want to tell you all about, and then the rest you will just have to assume was good and happy and full of appointments haha. 

On Wednesday I had just gotten my bike back from the shop, and we were on our way to an appointment with our good friend Marco. As we were on our way I called him telling him we were going to be a little late. About a minute or two after I hung up, I was crossing the bike path across the entrance to a side street. Since traffic was more than usual, I think I slowed down a little and looked both ways even though I had the right away. Well, the guy pulling out onto the main street did not see me, and ended up pulling out, luckily from a stop. I just kind of remember falling and thinking that what had just happened couldn’t have, and as I laid on the ground I wanted to move but something told me I should still be riding my bike! When I started to come to a little more, I saw some bird poop on the car that had hit me, and wondered if the guy had hit a bird. It obviously hadn’t really clicked 100% that I just got hit. It was weird. I’m so glad I wore my helmet! As I got up about 3 people came to me and checked to see if I was ok. By the end, I was joking with them all and we all exchanged numbers and names. I was just pretty happy because I gave out 3 cards with the church info on it!! Lucky for me the only thing was a few scrapes on my left knee and my brand new pants wrecked...and of course the bike. 

We still went to our appointment that night, and got home around 10 or so, but I am just so shocked that I came out with almost nothing. If I had ridden the bike just a little bit further, I am certain my leg and foot would have been pinned between the bike and the car, and that an accident like that would have sent me home. But, the Lord needs me here for something. I don’t know what, but there’s something and someone here in Germany. So that was kind of crazy! 

The second thing was on Friday. On Friday we were all supposed to drive down to Frankfurt for our massive conference. Most missionaries were taking the ICE Bullet trains, but because we had two cars within our district we drove. Problem was, the brakes in my car were shot, and would grind metal against metal when we would try to stop. The brakes were almost completely gone. Not only that, but because the car had been in an accident a few months ago, whenever it would carry a full load of people it would sink really low and grind the metal of the car frame against the rear tire. Not exactly safe...but we made it and then were able to get a new car for the way back thank goodness. The conference itself was amazing. It was so much fun, and President Bednar was just so cool. Short version, the whole conference was a discussion, and I got to stand and ask him a question. I asked him about Alma 5:28 which says we need to be stripped of pride, and how we as missionaries can best strip ourselves of our pride, meaning wanting to do our will before the Lords. He spent about 10 minutes on it and so I wrote down a few points. 1. His words, "The antidote to pride is constant prayer" 2. When you feel you are qualified to do what you are doing and know what you are doing, the greater need you have to repent 3. Rely on Him. Those are some of the things he mentioned, and it was super cool. He told me it was a, "Magnificent question" Which of course didn’t help my ego haha. That guy sure knows how to communicate with young people though, Ill tell ya. He was funny, energetic, spoke German, spoke young people, and his presence is just so commanding.

It has really been a fantastic week here in Germany. Such a beautiful country, such a wonderful place to be. My hope for you all is that you can see the Lords hand in your life, because every now and then I can see it in mine. Some are obvious, and most are subtle. Have a great week everyone!


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