Monday, November 24, 2014

Treasure Hunt!

Hey all! 

This week didn’t start out so good, but luckily it is over! I had the stomach flu, but on the bright side I spent most of one our days sleeping! I will say, that part was glorious. Luckily everything is gone but a very minor cough. Back to being a goof! We had an investigator class on Sunday at church, and one of our favorite families joined us and every time I talked the husband started laughing. Now I knew I was funny, but I didn’t know that just acting normal was enough to crack someone up! We love them, and they invited us over for the 24th in case I stay. They also heard about our situation with Elder Deans missing stuff, and got worried we didn’t have enough money for food, so they brought us two shopping bags of groceries on Sunday. So nice of them! 

We ended up meeting with Daniel, and to make things fun we made some American Brownies that my mom sent me a while ago. He loved them, and he and I alone ate more than half the pan haha. Elder Dean needs a haircut, and since Daniel just shaves his head, we were thinking that maybe he could just buzz him afterwards for fun haha. We will see! I will take pictures for sure! 

So during weekly planning, we went through a binder and found out that we have a basement where we can keep extra stuff. We had no idea, and since the church has rented our apartment for over 30 years we thought it would be filled with all sorts of treasures! We didn’t have the keys to the outside doors of the storage unit, but we found someone who did. After a long drawn out search, we found that our unit was missing the lock and only had some tile and two shopping carts inside haha. Normally in Germany you have to pay a Euro to use the carts, but not even those were there! Bummer! On the positive side, we got to explore the 3 level of the tower, which was just a parking lot. This parking lot, was filled with tons of old cars, old cars I have never seen! There was an old Jeep, a Porsche, a Ferrari; I think a few from East Germany and just a bunch more. So many of these cars have been there so long, that you can’t tell what the original paint color is because it is so covered in dust! I was like a kid in a candy shop, and wanted to buy and fix up all of them! 

We also got to go down to Wuppertal for a street display this week, and that was so funny! I think I learned some strange sort of sign language that goes along the lines of having no desire for something or just being angry. Getting rejected was so funny, and in a way it was a game. I would ask people if they wanted a free book, and then they would angrily say no, to which I would say that I didn’t believe that at all. The things you do for fun as a missionary! Haha. I also got a bet from a missionary to contact a group of three or more people all at once, and if I did he would buy me a berliner. Best free Berliner I have ever eaten! 

This week started out kind of slow and hard, but as the week went on I had some real gems happen, and got some prayers answered too. I love it here!! Well, we are going to go play frisbee and go shopping and look at some churches with the Solingen Elders, as well as show him all the old cars. Have a good week!


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