Monday, December 1, 2014

No Transfer for me!

This last Pday was a lot of fun. A bunch of guys went and played Frisbee after going and looking at all of the crazy stores here in Köln.  Christmas is going up everywhere, and the city is busy. I also saw a Lamborghini Aventador on the streets....meine gute. I love my mission, and Xmas is going to be awesome!

We had our transfer calls and almost nobody got transferred. With that said I am staying for a 5th transfer in Köln, which I am mostly happy about. My district is so awesome and I must say that I think I have found 2 or 3 very good friends I will want to do things with after the mission. Also we have our Christmas already lined up with the bishop and the 24th lined up with 2 families. woohoo!! Hungarian food and traditional German food!

We had Zone Training this week, and it was so much fun! It was Christmas themed and everyone was wearing matching sweaters with their companion, so Elder Dean and I might go get one today. We had a lot of fun there, and one Elder had a singing and dancing hat that he bought. The messages were about the Savior and it was a great reminder of how much he loves us.

I also got the opportunity to go to Wuppertal for a split, and I got to meet so many cool people. It is so cool to see the special relationships that people attach to their elders, and it makes me glad for mine. I also tried two very good Berliners that were more American than they were German. One was filled with Nutella, so I guess that was German, but the other had frosting on top and was filled with vanilla pudding and blueberry filling! I will be going back to buy more this week when I go back to Wuppertal for another split! 

So every week we have a flea market outside our place, and so I found a pretty cool Adolf Hitler coin that I picked up. Not the best person ever, but a cool thing to have and buy when you’re in the country. We also ran into some Americans there, so that was way fun! 

Last thing! So with transfers, we as elders have what we call Dday. Dday is the day before transfers where President can call you to be a trainer, zone leader, district leader, or an AP Elder. Well, while I was gone Elder Dean switched Presidents number with someone else’s number. Well they called me and lets just say they do a very convincing impression! I totally bought it! It was so funny! 

That’s all I have for this week. Unfortunately, Investigators and other things just fell out one after another, so it wasn’t the most eventful week. Pray for me that I will be able to find people searching for answers. Have a good week!

Love from Germany,

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