Monday, November 10, 2014

This week has been relaxingly normal! I am so sick and tired of losing things haha. This week we also had a split, so Elder Dean went to Wupertal because he wanted a break from Cologne. Once he came back, we came to the hilarious conclusion that within 7 days he had stayed in 5 apartments! 1. His own 2. Cologne 3. Frankfurt 4. Duesseldorf and 5. Wupertal. Nuts! 

This week there was a nationwide train strike, which was a pain in the butt! Trains are just about the only way we can get around here. Luckily we have buses but they are so slow and uncomfortable! I know, even as a missionary I am spoiled. 

I FINALLY got back in contact with Daniel because Elder Arts forgot to get his signature on his baptismal form. Kind of important haha. So we met up and had an awesome little talk, but he says it has been super busy lately, and that his Dad just makes it really hard on him because he hates the church. His mom is a member, but I think they are beginning to back down because of the Dad. Sad! We invited him to church and we also got a lesson scheduled in, but he didn’t show up to church and his mom hung up on me, which was very unusual of her. 

We are trying to grow our teaching pool.  We tried to go by on an investigator who has investigated the church for 40 years, but has never been able to quit smoking. Where did I find this out? The records of other missionaries from said 40 years! We actually got the wrong address, so we will be going next week instead.

Unfortunately our teaching pool is almost dry. We haven’t taught an investigator since Elder Dean got here, so things are sometimes uneventful. Tomorrow we have to be careful though because Carnival, a celebration biggest in Cologne, starts. For whatever reason, the first day girls go around and try to cut off guys ties and then give them a kiss. Ok? What a weird tradition! With that said, I will be wearing my tie that I bought for 3 euro. 

Today we are going to the big outdoor shopping center for Elder Dean, as well as going inside the Dom. After that we are going to the mini Carnival across the river, so hopefully I will ride a rollercoaster! That is pretty much it for now. Have a good week and thanks for the letters!


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