Monday, September 1, 2014

Why hello there!

This week, like all others, has been exhausting and busy! Hopefully you all are having less busy lives! It actually hit me that this week I will have hit my 4 month mark, and that by next transfer I will have been out almost half a year. Is this real? It goes by so stinking fast, why did high school never go by this fast haha. 

Things here have also been very, very busy.  Almost every night we get home late, and on Sundays we normally retire at 8. But last night, instead we came home at 930. Koln is just so huge it takes forever. Getting to my last appointment last night took 1 hour and 45 minutes from the church.

Daniel Rippel had an awesome appointment with us on Saturday as well as with a return missionary who went to Portugal. On Saturday we taught him and he brought his longboard!!!! I rode it and it felt soooo good. I showed him a few things I could do and he loved it! He's a great guy. He came to church the next day and brought his cousin too. It just so happened President Stoddard and his wife were there and so we introduced them since Pres is so excited about him.

Transfers are this week, so I may or may not stay in Koln. I have begun to fear since we have so many new missionaries coming in, that I will end up training. In all reality, it is not all that uncommon for guys as recently out to train. So if I do please keep me in your prayers!

A few other things from this week: We saw a blimp way up close, and you could almost see the person flying it. It was so cool! They bring it out for football games. We also had zone training this week and it was awesome! I loved it! We considered ourselves Zions camp because we are here to rescue the people. And for some reason we had our ties around our head haha. Even sisters.  Some members took us to Subway this week and we had an awesome talk there. I decided that I knew God loved me a lot because they played 2 or 3 awesome songs at subway that I really like, plus I saw a lamborghini.

On Friday the entire mission is going to Frankfurt to hear from Russel M Ballard. Pretty neat huh! We are pretty excited.

Today we are going to visit a cathedral over past Leverkusen and Bergisch Gladbach. It won't be quite as large as the Dom, but then again nothing is. 

Have a good week this week everyone!

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