Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello from Germany!

This week was awesome! So much happened and I just love it when we are busy! What 19 year old says that? this last week we visited one of our favorite couples, and they just love us and think I'm hilarious. Haha, no wonder I like them! The husband even spoke to our mission president when he visited our ward and begged him to let us stay in Cologne. They are such a funny couple! 

This last week Elder Arts totally messed up! We currently teach two Daniels and we had to put off one of our appointments with one because he couldn't make it anymore. Well luckily it was a day in advanced. We went to the other Daniel's because we had them both on the same day, or did anyway. We showed up and nobody was home! Turns out Elder Arts thought it was the other Daniel that rescheduled haha. Well the other one ended up falling out too anyway.  We ended up teaching Daniel Ripple on the steps of the Dom which was way cool! I love having a huge church nearby. We even studied the scriptures inside on Sunday since we left for an appointment too early. 

That day we also met with our good friend Erik, the one that cant move or talk, and we shared a way cool story from the Book of Mormon and he really related it to himself. He asked us "How do you overcome internal conflicts? And don’t say prayer!!" We both laughed and he did too, but we had a really good discussion with him and I really hope we helped. I'm so excited to visit him this week! 

This week I also had Rolladen, which is rolled up beef that has vegetables inside. Oh meine gute...that was one of the best meals I have ever had! These Germans sure know how to cook! And I thought they only liked sauerkraut..haha just kidding.

We also had our mission wide conference. We now have in total 252 missionaries in my mission. Wild huh? We also have 88,000 around the world. Pretty a scripture in the Acts chapter one or two talking about sons and daughters going forth in the last day and proclaiming the gospel and I thought, Hey that's me! haha. 

On our way to the mission conference our bus broke down haha. We had to pull over because the belt from the engine to the radiator fan broke, so the engine was way hot. In fact I heard a beeping noise over by the driver. Good thing it didn't seize up or anything. Anyway, we had 30 of us missionaries on this bus and I think every non-member got talked to and asked if they wanted to be Mormon! Way funny. Elder Arts also complemented the driver on his tie and he says "Oh thanks! Want one? Here follow me!" He gave him his extra tie. What! What a lucky guy! As a missionary we collect ties since it's the only thing we get to see different about our dress. After our replacement bus came, we finally made it to our conference, just in time. We had an apostle come and we had a really good conference. We also saw another one of the speakers at our big church conference on Sunday. He told us a story of how quite a while ago he got to be with the prophet every day for a week or two! It really helped him change his perspective and desire a strong relationship with Christ, which is something we can all have. It's something that I am trying to work for. 

Well I am way bummed because I have a whole story I didn't even get to touch on, but it’s time to go! I will say that the longer I am a missionary the less I believe in coincidences. I just want to say thank you for the letters and wish you all a great week. 


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