Monday, August 4, 2014


This week was great, just like the rest of them. We got another investigator so we are now up to a total of 4! We started out with 0 but we have gotten more and more with time, which is awesome! Our latest investigator comes from Armenia, and is the only Baptist in his family. The rest of his family is some sort of Orthodox group. He actually used to come to church and meet with the missionaries, but that was a few years ago. Just last week he ran into some other elders in Bonn and so he referred himself to us! His name is Abraham.

So I think I shared a little story last week of a Chinese couple that we met on a train. If not I'll just summarize real quick. We met them on the train and we asked them if they were religious at all. They said "Not yet" which is weird because people here usually just work their way around the question! We asked them what they meant and they told us that they were looking for something to believe in, and had heard a little bit of the story about Jesus and wanted to learn more. Grinning from ear to ear Elder Arts and I explained to them that this is what we do all day every day! This is every missionaries dream! Unfortunately they lived in Bonn so we gave them to the sisters there. We talked to them yesterday and they came to church and were way excited because they had never attended a service or had prayers before. They now have a Book of Mormon and are learning to pray. Although we don't get to teach them, it's really rewarding to hear what's going on with them.

Also this week I figured I better go get my MTC card out of my luggage since it has my debit card pin number on it. Why it was still in there I don't know. Anyway, I found it and then found some letters in the top of my suitcase. I had some time so I pulled them out and read them! I actually found one from my mom, and funny enough she talked about getting her testimony, how to keep and maintain it, and how it came with time. I say funny enough because this is what our main lesson with our main investigator was about! I read it over and I just got this awesome feeling that this is what I had to share with Herr Zeitel. When we taught our lesson it was very special, and everyone including the members that were there were listening very closely. It was exactly what he needed to hear, and what was different was that it was coming from a person like him and not just this kid. I will tell you that the spirit when we taught him was very much there.  Afterwards we set up another appointment with him and next week he wants to go over the baptism questions!

Germany is absolutely wonderful and I'm really starting to feel welcomed and like it is home. All of us missionaries are getting along really well and today we are going to the Haribo gummy factory in Bonn! It's free to get into, and you can apparently buy kilos worth of gummies for way cheap! Excited? Very much so. You just can't do some things back home that you can here. Speaking of that, I'll upload some photos of the castle we visited last week. Thanks for all the letters and have a good week!

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