Monday, August 18, 2014

Greetings all from land of barf on the street cars and home of the women wearing altered bikinis for games convention!!
I make Germany sound kind of strange, but this week was actually quite awesome and I brought my journal with me to help me out. Unfortunately I'm not so sure how much time I have today.
This week I went on another split with a brand new missionary which was kind of scary. We actually got along much better this time, probably because of our attitudes this time. It made it so much more bearable and actually quite a bit of fun. We also had our weekly district meeting and we had two mini missionaries there for just this week. One of them thought I played American football! Now either I'm getter ripped or just fat haha. The German food is kind of filling. This week I had an amazing trifle with pudding, a little crust, and a whole lot of pudding and cherry on top.
This week in an effort to meet and help our neighbors, we made about 5 or 6 kilos of cookie dough. Now I'm not sure what happened, but I don't think we gave out as much as I saw in the "Bucket". This week we also went over to one of our favorite families and helped them build a brand new trampoline. Now of course I had to test it and make sure it was functioning properly, so I did a few back flips and did a little showing off and I decided it was worthy haha.
Just the other day we ran into a guy who started talking to us first. He worked for the airforce and lived in texas for a couple of years. He didn't want to discuss religion, and most people don't, but he was way funny and had almost no accent! It was amazing! As for now, he is a civillian pilot trainer. Right up my alley!  Lastly, we had a really cool experience this week. So earlier as I was on my split, the elders went and met with two guys both named Daniel that both reffered themselves on the same day! We ended up seeing the younger one at church yesterday, and we introduced him to some people in the ward. Turns out the family with the trampoline knows his mother, and has for 25 years! So they had an awesome bonding moment. We also introduced him to Abraham. Abraham is from Mexico and they talked forever in spanish. Abraham even came along and helped us teach him both in German and in Spanish. At the end of the lesson we asked him if he wanted to follow Christ's example and be baptized. He said yes and got way excited, and during his prayer at the end of our meeting he thanked God for this opportunity.
I'm really glad to be out here, and I have never regretted it. I'm learning so much here and I have come to love to serve and to love those that I serve. Serving someone is such an awesome way to show someone you care. I'm so glad I get to be out here for two whole years, even though I miss a lot. Keep me updated and have a good week!

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