Monday, August 11, 2014

Gummy Bears!

I can't really remember what happened this week and I didn't bring my journal to help me remember. I will say that it rains here a lot. I mean a lot. Elder Arts and I get stuck in the rain all the time, and since it comes out of nowhere we usually don't have an umbrella haha. Still it's kind of fun because it cools us down and then we just run for cover singing "If you like Pina Colatas, and getting stuck in the rain"...We are such dorks but that's kind of what makes this companionship work! We geek out together and then we laugh, which can really help get through a day.

This last week we went over to our good friend Herr Zeitel's house. He is doing way good, but is struggling to gain a testimony of the foundation of the church, which is important. If you want to build a tall building, you need to have a strong solid foundation.

So I'll go on a random tangent just because this is happening as we speak. There is this crazy guy in the internet place that has been talking with elder Arts for quite some time. And really they have been talking about nothing. This guy is wearing a green helmet while using the computer and claims to control the elements and commands it to rain. It just started to thunder and rain and he said it was his dream. Confused? Me too. He says he has strange dreams, and also says "Silence please!" whenever a car honks outside. I feel so bad for elder Arts because he only wants to write his family!

Also this last week we had a random guy show up to church that wants to learn more! Not something that happens everyday. We also had two people both named Daniel call us and set up appointments. Not to mention we have never met these people. We also had some way cool lessons with members. There is this family that we absolutely love, and we helped a bunch with their apartment. The husband is from Albania and the wife is from here. They had us over once the apartment was finished and we just had a fun time talking and eating. It's always fun to be with them because it feels like I have friends again! haha. Being a missionary, our social life is a little bit different. We also went to the Wiegand's house twice and we kind of had a council. The Cologne ward is having some problems with a lot of people not actually coming to church. With one person gone it would hardly be noticeable, except that everyone does that so now our ward is really small. We kind of came up with a plan and are enlisting other strong members to come together to put together a plan of how we can turn this congregation into more of a family. I feel like it will be tough, but it also feels like it is something that will be very rewarding if anything happens.

So last week we went to the Haribo Factory except that the factory wasn't there. Luckily the massive store with the crazy low prices still was! Elder Arts and I combined bought about 10 kilos worth of gummies. Disgusted? Me too. It tastes so good though! We bought 2 boxes each 4 kilos for only 10 euro! It was filled with random stuff but I have to say that any Haribo is way good. I also discovered that it only costs 7 euro to send 1 kilo home and only 2 euro for inside. Will definitely be sending things home!

Ok well I have to go to an appointment soon, and this guy is trying to talk to us and show us his house I!

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