Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Well I have officially begun week 3 today!
Today, I have two friends entering the MTC! Both of them are going to the Toronto mission. One of them is actually my old roommate, Quinn! 

Things are going by slowly but quickly, it's a weird thing to describe. I leave on Tuesday the 17th for Germany, but I don't have any other details on that. Unfortunately another member of my district got sick and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Just this morning my throat started hurting, so I am really hoping I am not getting sick for the second time in two full weeks. 

This week for devotional we watched a talk that David A Bednar gave. Right as the talk ended, everyone began to stand and there he was! It was crazy! For another hour, we had a Q&A with him because our group in the MTC is so small. That was really neat, and really fun too. I have run into a few friends from school here, and they are serving missions all over the place. One is going to Florida, another in Romania, and the other in France! The environment here is really crazy. It's really stressful because we are always working, but it is also really happy and upbeat. A little stress is ok, and even good, but too much and I'll go crazy since this place is so small. Luckily, I am 1/3 done and still love it here. 

I have been teaching mach lessons this week, and it is crazy how scary they actually are. It's only my teacher, but they never break character and it feels so real! I have been trying to break the "Me" kind of thoughts and think more on what the "investigators" need to hear, but that is kind of a difficult thing to do. I think this is true for just about anyone, especially an 18 year old boy like myself! I know it can be done, it's only a matter of time. Like a really long time. 

Learning German has been coming along. I remember words here and there, and I am speaking faster and putting sentences together faster in my head, but words are the thing that I just keep forgetting! I am actually kind of bummed because it seems like we aren't learning as much German as we used to. I really like learning the language, and I hope I improve soon!

So last week I wrote about a Narnia hole in the wall. Basically its just one of those electrical outlet covers that slides open and has candy and a note inside. Well I found another and once I did that the entire hall was looking for these stashes! One elder pulled off the air vent and found a red tie! In a secret compartment in the cabinet, one elder found Thomas The Train matching game cards. Jackpot! After that, we began tearing apart anything that looked like it might hold a secret. Eventually we found a note that was part of a scavenger hunt. It told us that the next clue was behind an exit sign. At that moment there were probably a dozen half naked, slightly chubby 18 year olds, running down the hall at full speed ahead. We started dismantling the exit signs, searching for the next clue that would provide us with entertainment for the night. Eventually we found it, and then we found the next one underneath a microwave. The creator left his email for when we complete it, which we still haven't, only because the scavenger hunt leads to another building at the top story in the highest number room. Hopefully there's something good! 

Other than that, things have been pretty unspectacular, but I feel like what I am doing right! I'm so excited to get out and go to Germany! Only 27 more days, but who's really counting? The food is good, but I think I am packing on a few...oh well I suppose I will just have to bike it off after I fly over. Send emails and keep me updated! 

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