Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kevin sent us Letter #1 from the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center

Well, I guess you are hearing from me more than you imagined, but today we got our scheduled preparation day time moved to today because we have a service project on Wednesday, which is our normal day for preparation stuff. Not a whole lot of things have been happening over here except for learning German and how to plan and prepare to teach. I did get sick the night that I arrived, so I have been feeling a little bit more down than usual. Luckily, I got to take a little time off from all of our studies, so I was able to rest up and help myself feel like me again. Today I am feeling much better, and my companion and I will be teaching a lesson in German to a girl who is fluent in German. We know she's really not an investigator in our church, but it still is a little nerve wracking. Crazy to think that with only two or three days worth of German they are already having us teach lessons. I think I am starting to get a better hold on the language, and I pray every night in German now, or as much as I can anyway. I have also gotten used to the sleep schedule, I mean when it comes to sleep, I will take what I can get! After all, it is one of my favorite things. The schedule seems to vary each day, but at the same time it is very similar each day.  I was chosen to be the district leader over our small division of six elders including myself. I still don't know what this responsibility asks of me, and what I need to be doing, but I know that I could take my responsibility a little more seriously. I get along with my fellow elders pretty well. Perhaps too well! Yesterday, we spent a good time just messing around when we should have been studying together during various times of the day. I guess that's what happens when you stick a bunch of 18 and 19 year-olds together in a small room for 12+ hours a day. Still, we are here to work, so today I think I will divide us up so that we can function in the way we are supposed to. Not much else is new or has happened since I entered on Wednesday, but I did get to walk off campus to go to the Provo pharmacy, and it was so nice to be out in the sun and see the mountains. I say that because here at the MTC, we have covering over almost all of the sidewalks, and there are hardly any windows. Sometimes I forget that the mountains are really right there. This week is moving along though, and besides being sick I would say I have had a decent time here. Everyone is excited to be here and ready to learn. I just hope I can learn everything I need to survive out in the German field!

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