Monday, May 11, 2015


Happy belated Mothers Day to you all, mother or not haha. This week was a ton of fun, and not just because I skyped my family. This week all sorts of things happened, including hitting my year mark, overnighting in Erlangen for a big church conference and some other things. 

I am finally coming to terms that I am one year out, and have less than a year before I go home, especially since a mission almost never lasts a full 2 years. Anyway, on Tuesday we had a conference with our zone, and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo the military base Elders bought everyone Taco Bell! I hadn’t had Taco Bell in 1 year! Ah, it tasted so good. The conference ended up being pretty fun, but due to a weeklong train strike, we were not able to get home in time for our appointment with a nice lady that doesn't come to church anymore. The conference ended at 2:30, and we opened the door to our house at 6, which is nuts. So that was an adventure dealing with that this week.

On Wednesday we met with our newest friend, Francesco. We met in Hof Garten, which is the city garden, and is just beautiful. We ended up teaching him the full second lesson all while he took notes. After the whole thing he told us that everything we had taught made perfect sense, and was almost identical to his beliefs with his faith in Islam. Pretty neat! We actually met up a second time, but at the church, and he brought a friend. The guy is way fun, so if I stay I might have to spend a Pday or two with him. 

That same day, we met with Frau Brown and the new member from Utah, who also brought her friend. It went pretty well, and Frau Brown was just as funny and sassy as ever, and told me I can be in her "crowd" haha. 

For my year mark I went to a famous garden here in Bayreuth called the Eremitage, and we took some photos and taught a lesson there, which was also fun. On the same day, we were riding in a train to split with the Grafenwöhr elders, and we had some Americans from Wisconsin sit next to us. We had a good time and laughed a lot. I forget sometimes how things are with other Americans, and how nice it is to understand the whole conversation 100%. 

On Saturday we overnighted like I said, and the Stake conference was really cool. The current president just finished, and so they got a new guy to replace him. Guess who? President Schwarz, my old mission president! Pretty cool! I talked with him and he gave me an unbelievable amount of hugs haha. He remembered me, told me I had great German, which made me feel really good, and we got a 1 year photo with Elder Arts too! 

Well that's all I really have for you all this week. Sure is nice having things warm up around here. Have a good week everyone, and I will let you all know when I’m back online with Facebook and whatnot. Still haven’t gotten iPads, so who knows when we will. Trust me though, you will know. Have a good week,


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